Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Leisure Time

A tradition around our house at Christmas is to gather round the dining room table and put together a few Jigsaw Puzzles. We did two very interesting and challenging puzzles this year.

My son snuck into my computer one day and stole one of my car show photos. They then had it made into a puzzle. It was of very high quality and was not at all easy to do. (1000 pieces)

It was, however, fun and rewarding and of course it had special meaning to me. I was tempted to mount and frame it, but only old folks do that.

The second and equally challenging puzzle was given to me by my sister. I am sure it was meant to challenge  the old guy and was an attempt to drive him nuts. Every piece seemed to have every colour that was needed for the piece you were looking for.

Without the photo on the box, this would have been almost impossible. Strangely though, when we were about 3/4 done, it suddenly got really easy and we were putting in pieces as fast as we could pick them up off the table. As you can see, Andrew fried his brain doing this one. Liam is putting in the last piece, and I was still sane enough to take a photo.

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