Monday, July 30, 2012


Random photo, off the topic, for those who need visual stimulation.

Yesterday, I had an unsettling experience.

Being in business requires that one creates and nurtures a good reputation. I have made a concerted effort to do that for the last 35 years, as soon as I discovered the power of  'word of mouth advertising'. In business, really, all you have is your reputation, whether good or bad. What elements are required in fostering good customer relations? Honesty, fairness, value, workmanship, reliability, (doing what you say you will do and when you say you will do it) courtesy, cleanliness, respect, friendliness, and being very certain that one's word is good.

Many years ago, I was accused of stealing a bottle of expensive wine from the home in which I was working, alone. With a bit of sleuth work, I discovered the real thief and there were profuse apologies offered to me, but it still hurt.

Yesterday, I was accused of not doing what I said I would do and getting paid for it. My customer, someone I had never met until a few weeks ago, was very nervous in confronting me. He had been preparing his case against me for a week and had four people verify his suspicions, including a designer whose services he had recently used, and someone I admired and respected.

I have learned over the years that getting excited does not solve a problem so I patiently heard him out, and observed him as he made a detailed case against me, all the time thinking and knowing that he did not 'have a leg to stand on'. When he was done his rant, I slowly and clearly explained to him how I was going to prove him wrong. It was a simple test, a test which he agreed would settle the issue, absolutely, and within twenty minutes, he was eating crow. I did not gloat but accepted his apology and told him it could happen to anybody. I told him I was so glad that he challenged me and that we were able to resolve the misconception as it is always my ultimate goal to never leave a job until I know the client is absolutely happy.

We parted company with a good laugh, a friendly handshake, and my reputation intact. But it still hurts.   

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Modern Humour

Only a few years ago, this little bit of humour would have gone over every one's head. I am sure that just in the last week you have seen examples of iPhone idiocy. The frantic texting, tweeting, instagramming, and pinteresting has become such a priority in life that there is an ad on TV where a mother suddenly looks up from her iPhone and realizes her child is missing. She puts down her phone and frantically looks for her child. Oblivious to the world around us, we text and twit ourselves into trouble. There are even laws against doing this while we drive. Doing it in the presence of friends is just plain bad manners, unless, of course, you are texting that friend. Now that is just dumb!

Dysfunction used to be a word used only in the most severe cases of abnormal behaviour. Today, everyone is dysfunctional. It is almost a badge of honour. It is being unique, different, standing out from the crowd, an attention getter, being true to yourself, and most important, an excuse. I remember when a dysfunctional family was one where there was a plethora of abuse, divorce, failure, violence, law-breaking, and general abnormality. Today, dysfunction is normal. We are all dysfunctional. It is the reason we are all screwed up, to one degree or another. Unless everything is perfect in your family and all your relationships are ideal, you too are dysfunctional. Give your friends a moment and they will be able to tell you why you are this way. It takes one to know one.

And therein lies the humour. There is so much dysfunction that it has lost its meaning. A normal person is now the one who is dysfunctional.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

I can't believe I sat through the whole thing. For someone who only watches the odd sporting event on TV, this was an endurance test for me.

In the Olympic spirit of trying to outdo the previous hosts, Britain put on a spectacular show. The idea of the theme was to present an overview of the history of their country by highlighting various periods of time. I particularly liked the Industrial Revolution set piece, from which arose a giant foundry that produced the 5 gold Olympic rings. It was innovative and very well done.

Besides the flash and dance (literally) the most amazing thing is the co-ordination of thousands of people, props, musical score, lighting, and voice overs. To pull this off, live, without a glitch, is a great credit to the producer. Brief appearances of things very familiar and very British were a delight, such as the Queen parachuting into the venue, James Bond (Daniel Craig) accompanying her, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) daydreaming at the keyboard while playing Chariots of Fire, many references to famous children's literature coming out of Britain, and of course, the famous tunes from years past. All very enjoyable.

I could not help but think of the cost, amidst one of the toughest economic times that Britain has ever faced. I had a vision of a bankrupt party goer who is buying rounds for the house on a credit card that has already gone over the credit limit. The bills for these Olympics will not be paid from cash on hand, believe me. As for ceremonies, you can double the cost because in a few days from now, there will be a closing ceremony and it will be just as crazy over the top.

The world is going mad, but we are having a great time on the way to the asylum.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

"When You are Older"

When this car was made, I was about 9 years old. There were many things I wanted to do at age 9 but the reply was always, "When you are older". I wanted to drive my dad's car. I wanted a rifle. I wanted to quit taking piano lessons. I wanted to be treated like my big sister. Always, the answer was, "When you are older". Kids still put up with from their parents, and for good reason.

We eventually do all the things we could not do when we were younger, and some things we should not do at any age. Life progresses and then one day we catch ourselves saying, "I'm too old for this."

I am finding myself in this dimension now. It actually started in my late 30's when the realization hit me that I would never, ever play in the NHL. Not because I totally lacked skill and ability, let alone a pair of skates, but because I was too old. There are age restrictions at every turn in life.

But there is the odd bright light. I wanted a discount at my favourite restaurant for many years and they always said, "When you are older." Guess what. I get the discount now and I am proud to accept it. It will never be taken from me. I will never be too old. They may prevent me from entering because of excessive drooling or other obnoxious random bodily functions gone awry, but until that happens, I am finally old enough to order the senior's meal AND get a discount.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Kimberly Smith is climbing the corporate ladder of success when she suddenly has a vision of her own death. It makes her take stock of, and evaluate her life. She comes to the conclusion that her life is counting for nothing, yet she has a great desire for meaning and significance.
Thus starts a journey, by small steps, that is fascinating, frightening, dangerous, and horrific. Her and her husband, Milton, stumble upon a child brothel in Spain, full of African orphans. A series of events lead them to Darfur, a hotbed of genocide, war, and death at every turn. 

Kimberly skillfully writes her story with great insight and compassion, and we constantly feel the pain that she feels as she witnesses, and is the victim of, atrocities far removed from her corporate life in Alabama. The pain and guilt she feels threatens her sanity and her marriage, but in the process, she is doing an almost miraculous thing in Sudan, Africa.

This the true story of an ordinary mom, housewife, and career person feeling a leading from God to a great work and to discover if one person can make a difference in the pain and suffering that covers so much of Africa.
Quite frankly, it is an amazing story and it will move you and inspire you.  

5 stars 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mission Accomplished

I feel like fireworks are in order. I almost always finish what I start, and I am most pleased that I have completed my "Read through the Bible and blog about it" project.

Reading almost always bring me enjoyment, education, enlightenment, and entertainment but reading the Bible from cover to cover has actually changed my thinking about certain things. I did have a number of questions I needed answered and I was looking for new insight for some tired old thinking of mine.

I have a new appreciation for God's story, for ancient history, and for the fact that man has not really changed since he was created.

 I have a bigger picture of who God is, what he requires of us, how he pursues us, and how he loves us.

I have new insight about our complacency, how we deceive ourselves, and how many of us have developed a customized and skewed view of our faith.

I have also acquired a desire to seek solutions in this book. The answers are there.

At times, this was an arduous task, but each time I finished a book, and thought about what I would write in the following post, I found myself really looking forward to getting into the next book.

I highly recommend this exercise for anyone of any faith. If the Bible is what it claims to be, the inspired word of God, why would anyone not want to read it? If, on the other hand, it is not the true word of God, I have just wasted a whole lot of my time.    

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


If you are reading this to get some understanding about the Book of Revelation, look again. I can tell you this.
These words in Revelation, were given by God to John, to show "what must soon take place". Just as John found it difficult to write down what he saw, so we have trouble understanding all the symbolism and events that are described. We do get a glimpse of Heaven, the judgement, tribulations, the end of the world, and the destruction of Satan, his helpers, and all who reject Jesus Christ.

Impressions: The lavish descriptions are often horrific and always full of mystery. What does that mean? Who does that describe? Who is it that is suffering there? Will believers be spared some or all of the troubles that are ahead? Prophecy in the Bible has an excellent track record so we can be sure that what is told to John will come to pass. Several references are made to "being wise" when understanding these symbols. It is like a giant puzzle whose pieces are slowly revealing themselves as history unfolds, and we have to be discerning in figuring out where the pieces go and what the big picture looks like.
It is beyond me and there are probably as many interpretations as there are interpreters.
This movie will play out as it should and the plot will be incredible, but one thing I do know, and that is the ending, which is a happy ending for those that endure in faith that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour. 

Readability: 3 1/2 stars  

Monday, July 23, 2012


The church age began at Pentecost and will end with the return of Christ. This book is all about the great apostasy that will assault the church throughout its life, but especially in the latter days. In verse 3 Jude wanted to talk about our salvation, but ends up expounding on our contention for our faith, and the many false doctrines and false teachers that will lead many astray.

Impressions: This really is the challenge for us in our day, the ability to recognise false doctrine. This little book is very valuable for us in its warnings. The most effective way for false teaching to take hold is when the victims are unaware that the truth is being twisted, and that happens when we do not know the Word. Everything should be tested against the Word as it is the truth from God and it is God's truth.

Readability: 4 stars

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 & 3 John

These are very short books and I will combine them. Both are messages containing greetings and also warnings. There are again, ideas about Jesus' resurrection, being in spirit only, that are creeping into the church. There are also individuals who are not acting in love but being bullies and tyrants and John warns about not associating with people such as these.

Impressions: These early church problems were new to the believers, but as we see throughout history, they continually rear their heads to challenge Christians at all times and in all places. We are to be ever vigilant and train ourselves to recognise deception when we see it. This is achieved through knowing the Word of God.  

Readability: 4 stars

Saturday, July 21, 2012

1 John

John is writing to believers who were being challenged with differing ideas of just who Jesus was. In his simple, straight forward, and basic language, John sets the record straight. He explains again who Jesus is and just how we know if we are abiding in him. There are tests to see if we are true believers and John lays them out straight.

Impressions: We know where we stand when we read John's writings in his gospel and also here. It does not leave one with an excuse of not being able to understand scripture. The main theme here is love, God's love, and our love for each other if we are true believers. Also, John has a unique perspective in that he walked with Jesus and had a close personal relationship with him in the flesh, and later, he had a close personal relationship with Jesus in the spirit. So, when he says that Jesus will be with us, he knows what he is talking about, and we should listen.   

Readability: 5 stars

Friday, July 20, 2012

2 Peter

It did not take long for apostasy to infiltrate the early church, and in this book the Apostle Peter is calling on Christians to grow strong in their faith so they could detect and combat the false teachings. He stresses the authenticity of God's word and the sure return of the  Lord Jesus. He challenges believers to add certain virtues to their every day living and thus become stronger in their faith and become better witnesses for the gospel.

Impressions: The strong warnings against false prophets is reminiscent of the Old Testament. This is something that has plagued true believers down through the ages and is with us today. There are always those who try to take advantage, or simply lead astray those who are not firmly grounded in the word of God. So, Peter's warnings were for the early church as well as for us today.

Readability: 4 stars

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1 Peter

This is a letter from the Apostle Peter to the believers who had been dispersed throughout the ancient world and were under extreme persecution.  Peter, having been beaten, jailed, and threatened, knew what persecution was and knew how to endure without bitterness. He says to count it a privilege to suffer for the cause of Christ and that it is all for the furtherance of the gospel.

Impressions: Rejoicing in suffering takes on perspective when we realise how Christ suffered for us on the cross. We endure nothing compared to what he went through, willingly. Peter gives joyful encouragement when he reminds believers that Christ's soon return is the incentive for our hope and is what will ultimately give us endurance.

Readability: 4 stars

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is interesting that this book is probably the oldest in the New Testament, and written by James (the Just), Jesus' brother. James was not a believer until after the resurrection. This book is a parallel to the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7. It is a discourse on social justice and faith in action. There is a severe warning to the rich who horde their wealth and find security in it. And then there is encouragement to believers to be patient in suffering, praying and caring for one another,  and strengthening faith through fellowship.

Impressions: After so many warnings in Paul's writing about finding salvation in works and in keeping the law, here is a counter to that, but more a parallel. "Faith without works is dead" not because faith requires works, but because faith produces works. Our service to God arises out of our understanding of and gratitude for what Jesus has done for us, in completing our salvation apart from our own efforts. So the works we do are a result of, and a sign of, our faith.

Readability: 5 stars


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This letter is not typical of Paul's writing so it is speculated that perhaps Luke wrote it. The late Dr. Martin, founder of the Christian Research Institute quipped that the Book of Hebrews was written by a Hebrew, to other Hebrews, telling the Hebrews to stop acting like Hebrews. Indeed, in order to avoid persecution, many of these new Christians were slipping back to the rights and rituals of Judaism. So, this letter is to encourage them to continue in the grace of Jesus Christ.

Impressions: The ceremonies and sacrifices of the Jews was all a foreshadowing, or a pointing to the coming Messiah. However, nothing can trump the real thing, Jesus. It all pales in comparison, even though the Jews hold the rituals and rites in such high esteem. This book is rich in foundational doctrine and is eloquently written as evidenced by the "Hall of Fame", a recalling of all the heroes of the faith who believed though they did not see. They are the 'cloud of witnesses' that urge us on to our goal, the completion of the race set before us.

Readability: 4 stars


Monday, July 16, 2012


This is an interesting little letter to a Christina slave owner, Philemon, who had a slave, Onesimus. Onesimus robbed Philemon and then followed Paul to Rome where he became a Christian under Paul's preaching and mentoring. Paul is now asking Philemon to take back his old slave as a brother in the Lord.

Impressions: Early Christians did not attack slavery head on, but emphasised the brotherhood of believers and thus when a slave became a Christian, as did his master, a new relationship came about which did away with the slave/master relationship. Only after exposure to the light of the gospel could the institution of slavery die.

Readability: 4 stars

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Similar to his letters to Timothy, Paul writes a pastoral letter to Titus with words of encouragement. Titus was left in Crete to lead the church there that Paul established on one of his missionary journeys. Again, as in Timothy, there are instruction as to the qualifications of leaders in the church. There is also an interesting warning about the reputation of those living on the Island of Crete.

Impressions: Paul refers several times to the 'circumcision party', Jews who were adamant about emphasizing works to earn salvation. He warns Titus, as he did Timothy, to ignore these people and their teachings. Paul says "Their mouths must be stopped." The Old Testament was really ingrained in these people and they just could not get over the idea that the old rituals were no longer necessary.

Readability: 4 stars

Saturday, July 14, 2012

2 Timothy

Apparently, Paul is yet again imprisoned in Rome and this second letter to his beloved Timothy is essentially his last words. Paul was feeling lonely and abandoned and likely knew his end was at hand. But, he looks past his own circumstances and encourages Timothy.

Impressions: Paul is concerned for both the church and for Timothy, that they remain morally and doctrinally pure. There are many issues and false teachers that tug at the searching heart and we must remain true to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christain does that by being grounded in the knowledge of God's word and firm in our refusal to accept anything that is unbiblical.  

Readability: 4 stars

Friday, July 13, 2012


Often, when I would wake Liam from his afternoon nap, he would tell me of crocodiles and alligators that pop up in his dreams. I would ask him if he was frightened of them and he assured me that he has nothing to be afraid of because he uses his "super powers". "I zap them with my laser eyes" is one reply I get. In the photo above he is preparing for takeoff as a super hero.
Let me tell you that this little grandson of mine indeed does have super powers. He can tug at my heart strings without leaving a wound on my chest. He can capture my heart and yet leave it to beat in my chest. He can swell my chest and lift my shoulders with pride just by entering the room. He can make me laugh out loud without tickling me. He can make me stop dead in the middle of a heated political discussion with my peers when he comes to me and whispers to me that he wants to "tell me something in my ear." He can make me read 'Curious George' one more time even though I am sick to death of it.  
Super powers?  You bet. Somebody get this boy a cape.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

1 Timothy

Paul is writing this letter to Timothy to encourage him and to instruct in certain ways of organizing and administering the church. Paul and Timothy have a close relationship, almost like father and son and the letter is full of encouragement to Timothy to stand firm in the faith. There is lots of instruction here on how to treat widows and how to discern pastors and deacons.

Impressions: This book is not just for church administrators, but all believers who must continually guard against false teachers and straying from the faith.

Readability: 4 stars

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 Thessalonians

This letter is written by Paul to the church in Thessalonica addressing a misunderstanding regarding the return of Christ. He starts off by saying how much he misses them and explains why he cannot come and see them. He also prays for them and then instructs them on how to live a holy life. He then explains how the "dead in Christ will rise first".

Impressions: Paul explains how the prophets of old were persecuted for the sake of the truth just as they were now, and would be in the future. Paul's letters often encourage the churches to keep the faith and rejoice in persecution as it is all in a day's work in furthering the gospel. The hope that Christians have is that all believers, living and dead, will reunite when Christ returns and will be together with Him.

Readability: 4 stars

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

90th Birthday Celebration

We didn't quite get the whole family out, but there were certainly enough of us in attendance to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat a huge slab of Tuxedo Cake. There were only three of my dad's grandchildren, and their little families, that could not make it. We had a big BBQ on Saturday at my youngest sister's farm and on Sunday we met at the old folks home and give my dad a little thrill. He had not seen some of these people for a very long time.
He has not been doing well in the last few weeks so we were fortunate that he was able to spend enough time out of bed to come and greet us all.
In the above photo, I am with two of my sisters, both from Victoria.
Below is the whole gang at the BBQ.

Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Thessalonians

Paul once again greets the church in Thessalonica and encourages them (they were being badly persecuted) and has to go into more detail about the end times. Apparently they thought it had already come and so they had stopped with their work. Then there is instruction to stay away from idle men who do not live by the gospel.

Impressions: His teaching on the end times confirms the Old Testament prophets, basing much of what he says on the prophet of Daniel and his vision. There is much information here on the return of the Lord, as well as some great examples of praying for others. And, of course, this is where my own father got his rant from, "if you don't work, you can't eat". Being one who likes to eat, I have tried to follow this Biblical mandate.  

Readability: 4 stars

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Paul seems to be wrting this letter to counter some kind of heresy that was entering the church, something about denying Christ's full humanity and full deity. Paul also emphasises the sufficiency of Christ. Because the idea of salvation apart from the old law was so new at that time, there were those that kept adding legal requirements such as circumcission.  But, Paul points out that the ceremonial rituals of the old covenant are no longer required.

Impressions: This book is a mini ethics course addressing many areas of Christain life .... home and family, work, and the way we should treat others.
Collosians 2:8 "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ."

Readability: 3 1/2 stars

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Paul wrote this letter while in prison in Rome. He seems to have a soft spot for this church as there is little in the way of doctrinal correction, but he thanks them for a gift of money sent to him by way of Epaphroditus. It is by now an established church as he first visited this place on his second missionary journey and now he addresses "bishops and deacons". Paul also encourages them to speak more boldly and without fear, as he has done.

Impressions: Paul's joy comes through in this letter. He has been through a lot of rough treatment, and is writing from prison, and yet he can rejoice. There is a very telling remark right at the end of the last chapter. He sends greetings from various people, and then includes in that list "those that belong to Caesar's household"! He has apparently been preaching to those closest to Caesar, and with some success. What a trooper!

Readability: 4 stars

Friday, July 6, 2012



Paul's letter to the Ephesians affirms and equips a maturing church.

Ephesians 2:8-10: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this not from yourselves, it is a gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

I think what Paul is saying here is that our position in Christ is clear and once he establishes what that is, the goal is to stop waffling every time we hear a new teaching or a doctrine outside of that which Paul proclaims, emphasizing that his instruction is under the inspiration of God's Spirit.

Impressions: Doctrine is important, and, moreover, correct doctrine is important in order to get the practical aspects of our faith in right standing.

Readability: 4 stars

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Paul writes to the church at Galatia which consists of a both converted Jews and Gentiles. It seems that some false teaching was taking foot in the church and Paul goes on at some length to correct the misconceptions. There were those in the church teaching that in order for Christians to be perfect, they had to keep all of the Jewish law. So what we have in Galations is a repeat of a lot of what Paul wrote to the Romans, and that is the we are saved by grace and not by works. Justification comes through nothing we do in and of ourselves, if it did, Christ would have died in vain. So the message is one of freedom, not bondage.  

Impressions: There always seems to be a conflict between works and faith. Although works are not done to attain salvation, they come as a result of our gratitude for what Christ has done for us. Out of the faith, which is a gift of God, come the fruits, which in a way are works, that show that our faith is alive in us. So, while the works are not necessary, they will be there as a by-product of our relationship with Christ and our faith and dependence on Him.

Galatians 5:22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

Readability: 3 stars

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fixing Things That Are Not Broken

I feel a rant coming on, so here goes. ( A small break from the Bible project)

There is a trend in society that is disturbing. As government increases in size and more regulatory bodies are created, and more environmental initiatives are implemented, we find that many of the things we use and enjoy are being meddled with, eliminated, or just broken by those who need to justify their high salaries. These are the do-gooders who want to make our world a better place and in the process try to remove all risk from our lives. (An impossibility!) I will not talk about camp fires, as I have already done that, so I will give two other recent examples.

The microwave oven is now deemed to be an energy hog because it has a clock running 24/7. The new ones, in the not too distant future, will have no clock in the attempt to make them more energy efficient. The free market system is always innovative in trying to develop new products that the consumer wants, but so far have not come with a microwave like this because nobody wants one. So Government will do it. Now, those who need a clock in the kitchen will have to buy a seperate clock and the power consumption will remain the same while the microwave oven will devolve. Brilliant, as the net power usage will remain unchanged.

The second example is even more assinine. In the state of California ( the state full of fruits and nuts) the powers that be have mandated that all gasoline jerrycans can no longer have a vent hole. Apparently, folks sometimes leave the vent hole unplugged and all the nasty gasoline fumes escape and cause global warming. Have you ever tried to pour gas from a jerrycan with no vent hole? Let me tell you that it chugalugs out, gulping and splashing away as much of it misses the target and the spillage ends up on the ground, evaporating and causing global warming anyway. (As if!) Add to that, the frustrated owner now punctures his own hole for venting, but has no way of plugging it after pouring the gas, so now the evaporation is continuous and so much more. Brilliant! The original problem has just now increased. The do gooders of the world should be required to have brains at least, and common sense at worst.
How much longer are we going to roll over and let things like this pass?
Is it just me, or have you noticed that our freedoms are leaving us at an ever increasing pace ever since the global warming industry began, and the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed? Global warming is bogus and 9/11 should be put behind us.

Once a freedom is taken away, it is almost impossible to regain it.

And once a tax is implemented, it will never go away. Today is the second day of the increase in the carbon tax on gasoline. Did you notice how the climate is settling right down since we are now paying 7 cents a litre extra? Funny, I didn't either.

Please forgive any spelling errors as the spell check on "Blogger" no longer works.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 Corinthians

Apparently the church in Corinth was having some issues with Paul and he writes this letter to express joy that things have been resolved. There were false apostles attacking Paul's character and sowing discord among the believers as well as teaching false doctrine. Paul was overjoyed to hear from Titus that the majority of Corinthians repented of their rebellion against Paul. He then encourages them in an expression of genuine love and commends them for their financial support.

Impressions: Although this is more about Paul than theology, he does get into a comparison of the law versus the salvation of grace in Jesus Christ. It seems to have a different tone that did his first letter to the Corinthians. He sounds like he has been through the wringer and a bit stressed out. Indeed, he describes the many ways in which he has been endangered while travelling on his mission trips and mentions the "thorn in my flesh".  And then he goes on to say that in his weakness he is strong. It is evident that Paul gave 100% .

Readability: 3 1/2 stars

Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day

We live so close to the Canada Day parade route that we thought we would walk the few blocks and look for our grandsons. We got there just in time to miss all the police cars and fire engines, and there they were. The Abbotsford Children's Theater troop was walking behind the Mayor's entourage and I caught a glimpse of the grandsons before they got past me. That's them in the top hats, center of the photo.

The parade this year was no different than last year, in fact a bit less in interest, colour and effort. As a result, I thought I would concentrate on people photos this year. I was in Boy Scouts when I was a young teen and this guy would have been kicked out of the troup for 20 reason. That whole troop looked like something I would not let my grandsons go anywhere near. Lord Baden Powell would not approve.  

I like to photograph pretty things so my lens caught this young dancer. She has cool hair.

I liked the way the light reflected off of the red flag and shirt to give this gal a warm glow.

This young lady was on stilts at least six feet tall. That joyful look was plastered on her face full time. She must have been overjoyed to have walked the whole parade route without falling.

No parade is complete without a gaggle of Ukranian dancers.

And, of course, Ronald McDonald was spreading the joy around. I thought this photo turned out rather nicely. (Click to enlarge) We also went to the fireworks in the evening. The Rotary Stadium was packed and it was most interesting trying to walk home. The streets were closed to vehicles and it was a wall to wall mass of people. Kind of unique for our little city in the country. I will check the fireworks photos in a day or two, but I doubt any of them turned out. I will have to do some research on that type of photography as I have never done it before. All in all, a good day. Happy Birthday Canada. (145 years old and still looking spiffy)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1 Corinthians

The apostle Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians, a church he founded, because news came to him that they were getting off track. They were full of pride, excusing sexual immorality, and some of the Spiritual gifts were being misused. Some of the key Christian doctrines were being misunderstood and Paul wanted to get the church back onto its foundation, Jesus Christ.
There is instruction on such things as marriage and divorce, taking someone to court, how to treat those who were sexually immoral, and teaching on the gifts of the Spirit and how to prioritize and use them.

Impressions: These issues in the church are timeless. We always need to get refocused on what is truly important. Chapter 13 is an eloquent description of love, and, really, covers all the dissensions that he talks about in the previous chapters. Paul also gives teaching on the ressurection of believers, the great hope of all Christians everywhere.

Readability: 3 stars