Friday, October 31, 2008

Scarey Pumpkin Night

The little ghosts and goblins are home loading up on sugar by now and the only riff-raff out there now are the idiots who do not know or do not care that fireworks are illegal in our city. We had to shut off the lights early tonight as we actually ran out of goodies, for the first time ever. We had a box of 100 treats and there is not a single one left. If you take away the ones that I pilfered, that still makes a new record for numbers of kids trick or treating on our street. Some observations.
The spookies out numbered the cuties by about 2 to 1. The older the kid, the more blood and gore and knives that were evident. The wee ones were mostly princesses and spider men. I caught one little girl coming around for seconds but hey, how can you turn away a chubby cheeked cherub in a skunk outfit. Her parents at the end of the driveway needed a good talking to, however.
The surprise of the night was a buxom teen aged girl dressed in a slinky/sleazy outfit with a little too much cleavage showing (not that there is anything wrong with that). She had the appearance and the attitude that made me think she would be willing to turn a trick for a treat!
Halloween! Don't cha' love it.


I think these are Highland cattle but I am not sure. I like the look of them. They are stocky and compact, giving the impression that they could weather the storms of cow life, except perhaps for that final journey to the slaughter house. Watching cattle grazing in the fields has a way of calming a person. Is it the fact that they lead a simple life and seem to have no cares? Their needs are basic and uncomplicated and when met, they are happy and content. It matters not the length of ones life, but the quality of the time given us. We seem to waste so much time pursuing those things that we believe will make us happy, only to find that they often do not. High expectations and lofty goals are laudable, but can also lead to big disappointment when not reached. If we cannot be like the beasts of the field, then we can at least take the time to watch them to calm down our frenetic lives.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Afternoon Stroll

Looking West
Looking East

Me and she who works too much had a rare day off together yesterday. We took advantage of the fair fall weather and strolled the promenade at White Rock Beach. As you can see, we were not the only ones. It was a rare day, without wind blowing off the water, and we decided to lunch at an outdoor restaurant. It was so wonderfully warm that we soon shed our jackets and basked in the sunshine. The afternoon jaunt to Crescent Beach was like going to another planet, although it is only a few miles down the road. The more westerly facing beach had a blustery cold wind discouraging us from taking our hands out of our pockets or turning down our collars. Our weather is in transition now and winter is knocking at the door, although uninvited.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is a sand sculpture from the summer's competition at Harrison Lake. It reminds me of possibly how the voters felt tonight in the provincial by-elections that were held in Vancouver. The reigning party rarely does well in by-elections but this is an indication that it will not be a cake walk for the Liberals in the May elections. The standings in the provincial legislature now stand at 45 Liberals and 34 NDP. Let the games begin, but first we have these pesky municipal elections to get behind us. Are we all getting a little election weary yet?

Outside My Front Door

There is beauty all around us and I must admit that many of my photographs are taken on our small city lot. My beloved is an avid gardener and it shows. The Angel Trumpet below is in its second bloom, a little paler in yellow, and little less fragrant, but a welcoming sight right outside our front door. The Virginia Creeper is disguising our somewhat ugly fire place brick, but today it is bare and the soil beneath it carpeted in blood red.

The plaque is a reminder not only appropriate for gardening, but for life in general. I just caught up on the financial news after being out all day and I see that the markets have spiked yet again. This time in the right direction, however, tomorrow may bring another story. This month alone the world equity market lost $10 trillion! A quote from a financial report:
"Lurking behind this rally is this unsurprising tidbit: consumer confidence in the United States hit an all-time low in October. The Conference Board reported that expectations have turned “significantly pessimistic with the percentage of consumers expecting business condition to worsen over the next 6 months rising to 36.6% from 21% and those expecting fewer jobs rising to 41.5% from 26.9%”
The confidence index is all important because it predicts human behaviour. If I may have been sounding pessimistic in my posts on this subject, it is for a reason. All the wishful thinking and as much as we would like to believe that this whole thing will just go away, it will not. I truly hope I am wrong but perhaps we are a very long way away from the bottom yet. I would like nothing better that to be proved wrong.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Signs

How is one supposed to pay attention to all the signs when the brilliant trees are so distracting?

I took these photos a week ago and today as I drove past this spot, I noticed the trees are bare. How quickly beauty fades!

Cell Phones

There is a proposal being put forth to ban cell phone, blackberry, and text messaging use while driving, in Ontario. I am not usually one for more rules and regulation but when stupidity and carelessness prevail, new laws are sometimes necessary. I have stopped using my cell phone while in my vehicle because of the disconnect it creates between me and what is going around around me. My awareness levels are cut in half and although auto pilot works well most of the time, it is not a good idea to use it most of the time. A driver should never depend on the other guy's vigilance as it takes both drivers to avoid nasty situations. This is one law that should be applied across the country. If you disagree, get yourself a bluetooth hands free device. Looking geeky is better than being a hazard on the roads.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Poll

As the beautiful Autumn weather continues unabated, so does the world financial crisis. One is very pretty, the other very ugly.
I caught an on-line poll today that asked if we thought it was OK for governments to run deficits during the financial crisis. The numbers were revealing. Only 49% of 31,000 respondents thought it was harmful. That says to me that 51% of the Canadian population still do not understand how we got here in the first place. So tell me about your household. When things are getting lean, do you go borrow money and spend your way back to prosperity? Or do you tighten you belt, postpone unnecessary expenditures, and try to save in case it gets even worse? It works exactly the same way for individuals, businesses and governments. Debt always eventually has to be paid. How much easier to not incur it in the first place.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Time For Reflection

Autumn is a time for reflection and how appropriate that within this time of reflection, we are forced to look back not only at the last year, but on our lives in general as some of us are headed for difficult times. Investors in the USA alone have lost an estimated $5 Trillion and a large part of that number involves retirement investments. But are not all investments really a hope for a better future? We should be trying to understand what 'better future' really means. We have bought into the idea that more is better and that financial security will bring peace, harmony and happiness. I think that most of us will be surprised to discover that we could have been barking up the wrong tree, the 'hollow tree'. (See previous post) Many of us will be forced to re-evaluate our priorities and may be pleasantly surprised to discover that we can actually be happier with less material wealth as we discover riches in simplicity and in relationships. It has always struck me as a marvel of human nature that those who are exposed to a broad range of human experience have witnessed the fact that those who have very little are actually very happy. We (fellow baby boomers) have been reluctant to try this out, to discover its truth, but now we may have no choice.
"Don't worry, be happy." Bobby McFerrin

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Form of Insanity

A certainty of nature is that all living things die and decay but some people just cannot get over that fact. Here is a story in the news today.

"The Stanley Park Hollow Tree Conservation Society says it has a plan to keep the famous tree upright.The ancient red cedar has been leaning precariously after it was severely damaged in the 2006 windstorms. The plan would use hydraulic jacks and steel anchors to right the tree. The group says it will cost 215-thousand dollars but have collected all but 60-thousand and are asking the park board to help."

If we take this story to its natural conclusion, there will be a day when there will be a steel structure similar to a tent that will be holding up the tree after the roots and trunk are completely rotted. What will be suspended will be shreds of bark and strands of rotted wood fibre. People will walk past and ask, "What in the world is that?" The answer, of course, will be in the signage. "Stanley Park Hollow Tree"

You would think that with the coming economic difficulties, there would a better prioritization of public funds, or even private donations for that matter. There is definitely a form of insanity happening here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Whatever You Call It

Global recession, meltdown, credit crunch, contraction, or economic crisis, it all means that sooner or later, every person will be some how impacted. So far, at least here in Canada, most of us have only been noticing a decrease in the value of our investments, if they are market related. We have also noticed that the value of our homes has decreased. But few of us, at least in the west, have been impacted in terms of employment or job loss.
We had our first little taste as a contract job has been put on hold due to financial pressure on the part of the client. There will be more of this, I am sure. The attitude of fear and uncertainty is very catchy, somewhat like the flu. While we cannot and should not bury our heads in the sand, it does nobody any good for the economy to grind to a total halt when there is no need for it. Those without debt and a reliable income should keep on spending. Too bad there are so few of those kinds of folks around.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Last Hay Crop

I noticed, yesterday, that there were a few farmers taking in the last crop of hay. Naturally, this is called 'making hay while the sun shines'.
There is another type of making hay in the US Presidential race. A headline caught my eye that alluded to the idea that McCain could die while in office. His chance of doing so is 6%. This calculation is based on his age and the fact that he had skin cancer 7 years ago. He has been tested thoroughly and has in fact submitted 1000 pages of medical records and is deemed healthy by the best doctors. Joe Biden, on the other hand, had an aneurysm a while back and required emergency surgery. He has not been following up with the recommended brain scans so his health is questionable, but not by the press. This whole exercise is, of course, to scare the American public into thinking that the the flaky Sarah Palin could likely be president and rule the free world. (Flaky according the Obama crowd) Now, I do not really care one way or the other as I cannot even vote in this one, but like in the Canadian election, fear is being used to manipulate people. It is done because it works.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Have a Beef

Don't get me wrong. I am not a fan of Dick Pound and I am not defending him or anything he does, but I have an issue with what is happening to him. You regular readers know that I have a real issue with political correctness and here is another example. Mr. Pound stated that 400 years ago Canada was populated by savages. For the full story check here.
I find it interesting that he is being castigated without any question as to the definition or the context of the word 'savage'. It seems that when an aboriginal is offended, he is offended. Period. Why not let this incident open a dialogue. Was 'savage' an appropriate term given the circumstances, what are the French nuances of the term, (he spoke the French term which has a different connotation than the English) and was any offense meant, or was it not? Calls for his resignation are way over the top.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mt. Baker

These wonderful Autumn days bring me such joy. It has always been my favourite time of year and 2008 holds no disappointment for me in terms of sunny days and rustic colour. My view all day was an exotic maple tree that was tinged with brilliant red, golds, oranges, and pale greens all on the same branches. It seemed to be warming to the oranges as I watched. In the background were the layered mountains, starting with Vedder and ending in Baker, each distant layer more obscured by Autumn haze. I did not have my camera with me so I posted the above photo which is similar only in that Mt. Baker is visible in the background. My plan for tomorrow is to go panning for gold. As in panning the camera and looking for golden leaves.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Slow Down

There was a time when I would walk past a park bench and not give a glance or second thought to its significance. But I have slowed down and now take in a great appreciation for these rest stops. Park benches are usually strategically placed, like at the half way mark, or in a place to take advantage of a great view. Park benches are often donated and then dedicated to deceased love ones so should not be casually ignored. Park benches are for sitting on and I do so more these days. And, I have discovered that park benches are very photogenic, whether occupied or not. I have been working on a collection of park bench photos, but only since I have slowed down to appreciate them. What else will I discover when I take even more time to stop and look, perhaps while sitting on a bench in the park?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


There is no escaping the beauty of the lake shore walk at Cultus Lake, no matter the season. Surrounded by gold, walking on gold, and warmed by the golden sun makes a bright autumn day an occasion to be exuberant about life. Having been at this spot many times at the height of the swimming and boating season, the peacefulness of a day like this is a stark contrast. The water is calm, there is an absence of shouting and laughter, and the boats are almost all put in storage for the winter months that lie ahead. There seems to be a sadness in the air and maybe it is the lack of human participation and activity that is missed, although in summer, one often wishes it would go away. It could be too, that the dying leaves are indicative of a dying summer and an ushering in of the leaden days of winter. One does not relish the thought of spending time beside the water in the cold winds of winter, but rather, seeking the warmth of the hearth, while looking through a window at the water's icy edge, is winter's appeal.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reflecting Geese

This photo is an example of how to double the colour in the Autumn by getting it to reflect on something. The Canada geese took instructions well as they lined themselves up on the log according to my specifications. It is called man and nature co-operating.
We spent a good portion of the afternoon one day this week, in a line up, waiting to get our passports renewed. It occurred to me that anything involving government requires that one lines up. Were private business to operate in this fashion, it would go bankrupt as customer service is one of the pillars of good business and we, the customer, would simply take our business to the competition. But, governments run monopolies, hence, no competition, hence, no service, hence, lineups, hence customer dissatisfaction, hence elections etc., etc. Things just go in mad circles as we wait in line. Don't get me started on Health Care lineups.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Autumn Path

I am running to and fro, too busy to do the thing I want to do. I see the leaves turning, more brilliant and deep with each passing day, and I know that soon they will be loosed from the branches to an ending of decay on the wet soil beneath. This happens every Autumn and rarely do I take the time to do the thing I want to do. The branches will soon be bare, the skies grey, the days too short and nothing but drab to describe my surroundings. And yet, there is still time to do the thing I want to do. When the foliage is piled deep and crisp on the trails, the dry cool air swirling it into drifts, I will think that I should have taken the time to do the thing I wanted to do. The window of opportunity is small and comes but once a year. I must take the time. I must make it a priority. I will not live with regret, waiting once more for next year.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flaming Sumac and Burning Questions

The house was tucked away in the hills behind the Mission Golf Course, at the end of a long gated driveway. It was very peaceful and quiet, a contradiction to the twelve pairs of shoes lined up at the front door. By the voice on the phone, I knew I was dealing with an Oriental gentleman and they always remove their shoes at the door. I did likewise. A very pleasant young man greeted me and showed me to the area of the house where I would be performing my services. It was evident, almost at first glance, that I was in a situation, that in my 34 years of work, I had never been in before. I have seen and experienced many different things over the years and am rarely taken by surprise, but now I was. The decor, the accoutrements, and the garb of the young men in the house gave it away. I was in a monastery! But what really baffled me was the decor in the master bedroom, something for which I was partly responsible. In an all male environment, why was there pink flowery wallpaper, flowered garland borders, and a half dozen frilly, lacy, negligee like lamps in the bedroom, surrounding a huge four poster bed? A guest room perhaps? But who were the guests? I may never know, but being the curious person I am, I want to know.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One More Post

Happy Birthday to the one who lights up my life and keeps my tank filled. Where would I be without you? Too terrible to contemplate. Thirty eight years ago we promised to grow old together. Today we are doing it. Why does it not feel like old? I gladly put the blame on you. I blame you for everything else. :-)


9:42 pm Terryography predicts that Stephane Dion will step down as leader of the Liberal Party very soon.

10:43 pm The Toronto Star announces that Stephane Dion is stepping down as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He will make an announcement on Thursday.

Election Decompression

I hope this is the last time I write about the Canadian Election. After all, we have to now concentrate on the US election, and then the Municipal Elections, and then the Provincial Election, all looming close in the Horizon.
I was musing on a two party system for Canada. It would make things much simpler. Only Liberals or Conservative have ever formed government in Canada so why not just do away with all the other parties. Our 5 party system only makes sense if we have proportional representation and that would only lead to perpetual minority governments and coalitions.
I predict Sephane Dion's imminent resignation. He has no choice. But then look who looms large on the horizon as the new Liberal leader! None other than Bob Rae, the former provincial NDP who single handedly ruined Ontario. Think what he could he do with a larger territory. The heart quails.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Night

Why did I just watch 3 hours of election results? The outcome was determined before our polls here in BC were closed, but that is nothing new.
Stephen Harper remains Prime Minister, but with another minority. The Conservatives made gains, around 19 more seats and are actually the party with the broadest base across the country.
There will not be another election for at least two years, probably three, and Stephane Dion's days are numbered as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.
The Bloq remains a non factor, except perhaps to shore up support for the Conservatives should the Liberals and NDP gang up on them.
For me, the big story is the apathy of the Canadian voter. Ten million eligible voters did not bother today. This is the lowest vote count in the history of our country. We are losing our sense of history and forgetting what a precious thing it is to live in a democracy. Those who fought and died for this legacy would weep if they witnessed the lack of turnout today. Shame on you Canada!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Milestone

On November 23 of last year, I finally decided to start up my own blog. I had no idea what to expect but simply had a desire to share some of my photos and stories with whoever wanted to spend the time to view them. It was suggested to me by other bloggers that I attach a 'counter' to determine if I was getting any 'hits'. How else would I know if anybody at all was taking a look? My first counter included my own hits and that was not really a good indicator. My second and better counter gave me lots of information as well as the count and it has been interesting to view the source of my readers (country) and the duration of the visits, as well as which posts have been the most popular. It has become an interesting hobby.

After the first month, I thought a reasonable goal would be 2000 hits for my first year of blogging. Today, after less than eleven months, I have hit a milestone of 5000 hits. I am surprised and delighted.

Thank you to all my readers as well as those who just happen to stumble upon my offerings. I especially appreciate any and all comments. It has been and continues to be a lot of fun for a boring old guy like me.

Sandy Seaworld

Yes, another sand sculpture, this one depicting an underwater sea world. Of course, this had nothing to do with Thanksgiving, except perhaps that I am thankful that I did not have to go underwater to view this beauty. I tried to give it an other worldly feel with the colour treatment.
It has been a while since the copious amounts of turkey were consumed and I am feeling normal once again. As the years progress, I have slowly learned to restrain myself and it is paying off. Eating a 'normal amount' is just as satisfying and does not result in the unpleasantness that gluttony can precipitate. Besides, we will be eating the same meal, more or less, many times more in the days to come. It is called leftovers.
Now, if only the 'new found' restraint that I have discovered could be translated over to the consumption of dessert.
Oh, and for all my Canadian readers, don't forget to vote tomorrow. Unless of course you were considering the NDP party. Then you can forget about it. :-)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving comes at a very appropriate time this year as the world considers its financial future. A poll yesterday suggested that retirement and near retirement people would be most hurt by the economic crisis. I cannot say that I am unaffected so as a result I have carefully considered what I am thankful for this year. On my list of most important things in my life, everything is intact so why should I fret about a minor factor in my life that in the end, is of no consequence. I am of the firm belief that God looks after his own, not on a whim, but because he has promised and if the past is any indication, I have no reason to doubt that fact now. My future was never in my hands, ultimately, so I will trust it to the one whose hands are much more capable than mine.
May you all have have a time of grateful reflection and may you direct your thankfulness to God who has only ever given us anything on loan.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Does This Work?

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is meeting today and wondering how we got ourselves into this mess (global financial crisis) and how we are going to get ourselves out of it. Much like the Gorilla in the sand sculpture wondering how how he got here, and, if he evolved into a man, why is he still a Monkey? Monday will be an interesting day. We may be on the verge of a new world economic structure or a precursor to one. It has Biblical overtones, does it not?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stop Calling, Please

Since registering on the DNCL (Do Not Call List) we have received several calls from phone solicitors. I understand that after 30 days, these companies have to update their data bases and not call anybody who is on the list they uploaded. So I am giving 30 days of grace. Having said that, I got a call last night during dinner. The call display showed 'UNAVAILABLE' which shows how shifty these guys are. It was the Policeman's Association, you know the one. I showed no grace by blurting "Could I please call you back when you are having your dinner?"

"Pardon me?" was the reply.

"I said, could I please call you back when you are having your dinner?"

There was a long pause on the other end and then a meek little, "Oh ....... I get it. Sorry to bother you. You have a nice dinner."

He was so polite that it laid the guilt on me.

I have decided that after the 30 days of true grace, when I get a call from one of these guys, it will go like this.


"Yes I would like very much to deal with your company. What is the name of it?"

After getting the information I need, I will say, "In five minutes, I will have reported you to the DNCL list, of which I am a member, and your fine will be in the neighbourhood of ten thousand dollars. You have a nice day, hear?"

Of course, I will fell terribly guilty after I hang up, and even more guilty after I report them. I am almost looking forward to having my dinner interrupted. (Oh, now I am feeling guilty for writing this post.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Split Personality

This was an amazing creation. Inside, between the halves, was a perfect heart, carved in the centre of the chest. Skill, plus art, plus a fickle medium, make sand sculptures both beautiful and fascinating, and always only a rainstorm away from destruction.
Thoughts on the Canadian Election Campaign. The Economy has come to the forefront as the number one issue for voters in this election. That is understandable as the whole world seems to be in crisis. A major component of the crisis is confidence. Two major emotions always at play in the market economy is fear and greed. It disturbs me that the NDP and the Liberals are stirring up fear in the minds of Canadians by saying that Harper should do something about the economy. What can he do? His platform proposes the lowest spending of all the parties and that is part of the solution.
According to the National Citizens Coalition:

"The World Economic Forum ranks Canada’s banking system is as the strongest in the world;
Only 5% of Canadian mortgages are considered “high risk.” In comparison, over 50% of mortgages in the U.S. fall into that category;
The Canadian government is running a surplus;
Any new tax will be a detriment to the Canadian economy; and
No Prime Minister has the power to control the stock market."
A Prime Minister who does not panic and has a sound economy to work with will alleviate fear and where there is no fear there is confidence. Where there is confidence, things will carry on in a more or less normal fashion and with time, these problems will go away. I believe Harper is showing leadership in this, the most important issue facing voters next Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cowboy Poetry

Somebody sent me this the other day but I do not who to give credit to. I may be accused of plagiarism, so let it be known that I did not compose this gem.

Cowboy Poetry
Jake, the rancher, went one day to fix a distant fence.
The wind was cold and gusty and the clouds rolled gray and dense.
As he pounded the last staples in and gathered tools to go,
The temperature had fallen,the wind and snow began to blow.
When he finally reached his pickup,he felt a heavy heart.
From the sound of that ignition,he knew it wouldn't start.
So Jake did what most of us would do if we had been there.
He humbly bowed his balding head and sent aloft a prayer.
As he turned the key for the last time,he softly cursed his luck.
They found him three days later,frozen stiff in that old truck.
Now Jake had been around in life and done his share of roaming.
But when he saw Heaven, he was shocked --it looked just like Wyoming !
Of all the saints in Heaven,his favorite was St. Peter.
(Now, this line ain't needed but it helps with rhyme and meter)
So they set and talked a minute or two,or maybe it was three.
Nobody was keeping' score --in Heaven time is free.
"I've always heard," Jake said to Pete,"that God will answer prayer,
But one time I asked for help,well, he just plain wasn't there."
"Does God answer prayers of some,and ignore the prayers of others?
That don't seem exactly square --I know all men are brothers."
"Or does he randomly reply,without good rhyme or reason?
Maybe, it's the time of day,the weather or the season."
"Now I ain't trying to act smart,it's just the way I feel.
And I was wondering', could you tell me --what the heck's the deal?!
"Peter listened very patiently and when Jake was done,
There were smiles of recognition,and he said, "So, you're the one!!"
"That day your truck, it wouldn't start,and you sent your prayer a flying,
You gave us all a real bad time,with hundreds of us trying."
"A thousand angels rushed,to check the status of your file,
But you know, Jake, we hadn't heard from you in quite a long while."
"And though all prayers are answered,and God ain't got no quota,
He didn't recognize your voice,and started a truck in Minnesota ."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Web Built of Sand

This sand sculpture had no explanation, so I will give it one. The woven bands represent the economies of the world, interconnected and intertwined to the point of supporting each other and depending on each other for their shape and integrity. As long as the base is intact and solid, the structure is upright and recognisable. The base is the US economy and the US dollar. When it collapses, the whole thing becomes unravelled and in the end, is nothing but a pile of sand. Those little compartments in the foreground are the savings and pensions of innocent investors, like myself, who peer into the box and find it ...... empty.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Look Out, He's Gonna' Getcha'

It has been fascinating watching the collapse of the markets lately, and today was no exception. When is there going to be a total lack of confidence in the banking institutions and when is there going to be a run on the banks? We are getting close to that now. Today I was reading the protocols set out by the US Feds in case of national bankruptcy. It is not dissimilar to the action taken in case of WW III or a national disaster like the west coast of America sliding into the Ocean. I was struck by the fact that it is not a coincidence that we as North Americans have been slowly losing our freedoms. The loss of those freedoms and the fact that we have become used to state control in so many aspects of our lives fits into and enables those protocols to work.
I have been very aware all my life that I live in a generation (baby boomers) that has had relative calm and stability throughout and I have been grateful for it. But now I am thinking that there is no generation that fully escapes major turmoil in their lifetime. In other words, I think that we 'are in for it'.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sand Head

I am not sure what this sand sculpture represents, but it is very well done. I should have taken note of the title which may have given me a clue. I am sure you can make your own interpretation.
I just returned from the Life chain and it was good to be there. Our little stretch of the road was very well attended with at least 200 people. I do not know what happened in the rest of the city. Grandparents were very well represented, which is understandable. There was very little obscenity displayed by passing motorists this year, which was refreshing. There was by far more enthusiastic support for what we were doing. The rain held off, the sun came out, the wind blew, and many prayers were lifted to God to change the hearts and minds of those in society who have bought into a lie. Maybe someday we will not need a life chain for the unborn, but I am thinking that a life chain may be needed for the elderly who will not have an advocate to save them from euthanasia. Sadly, it is a natural progression.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Election Gem #15

In the last Election Gem, I made comment about the candidates that are hitting the dust due to improprieties. The score now stands at Conservatives 1, Liberals 2, and NDP 4. The latest one for the NDP is: Durham Ontario candidate Andrew McKeever. He used obscenities to refer to a woman and also threatened to beat up a critic in Facebook postings this summer that had to do with U.S. war deserters. He has since apologized for his actions.
Two were partying dope smokers, one was a partying skinny dipper, and now we have one who is violent and likes to use obscenities in public. Poor Jack Layton. He just can't keep his ducks in a row.


My daughter, who birthed a baby on Sept 26, is employed by the bank that sponsored this sand sculpture, only days before.

Tomorrow we will be standing, with hundreds of others, beside a busy city street, holding a placard, and assisiting in a silent protest on behalf of the unborn. I cannot say it better than Curtis Stewart, the President of CanMedia Inc. in an editorial I read this week. This is sobering reading:

In Canada the birth rate is about 342,000 children per year, with another 100,000 per year being aborted, which is about 30 abortions for every 100 live births. The total death rate in Canada is 226,000, not including abortion. The numbers are staggering, and most media, public, and politicians find it is too hot an issue to deal with. These are some of the staggering statistics:

Leading Cause of Death Worldwide:

#1 Heart Attack (millions) 7.2

#2 Stroke 5.5

#3 Lower Respiratory Infection 3.9

#4 AIDS 2.8

#5 Pulmonary Infections 2.8

#6 Perinatal 2.4

#7 Trach/Bronc/Cancer 1.3

Total of top 7 deaths worldwide 25.9


Reason: rape and incest 1%, child's or mother's health 6%, social reasons 93%.

Billions of dollars are spent every year to find cures for various diseases, with very little spent to reduce abortion, which is the largest world epidemic we ever encountered. The Black Plague was the largest pandemic in human history, killing 75 million; the largest human atrocity was the killing of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, while little has been done to prevent the loss of life of 42 million per year. In 24 years, abortion will wipe out 1 billion children. And all of this while we give Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada, and call him a hero.

Come and stand with us.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Time to Reflect

Everybody hates a tax collector. This attitude has been around from the beginning of time. Well, I am one. Four times a year I do paperwork and then mail a cheque to the government for the GST that I have collected in my business. I am not compensated for this service but actually am penalized because it eats into my productive time. I am home this morning doing the paperwork and am taking a break to blog.
I am also assessing how the world economic crisis is playing a roll in my little world. My financial guru is incognito, perhaps he has jumped from his office window and is in the hospital recovering from the thorns in the rose bushes. (He is on the first floor) We are in the midst of negotiations with the banks on 2 different projects and I must say that things are changing rapidly and in mid-stream. I have a feeling that our economic activity in this country is going to grind to halt soon. Our society is used to running on credit and when credit is in short supply, the run is reduced to a walk. This 'correction' will hurt many people but I am optimistic for ourselves, personally, for our little neck of the woods, and for Canada in general. Some important lessons are being learned and we will be better for it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sandy Toes

One of many photos taken at this year's Sand Sculpture competition at Harrison.
I caught a bit of the so called debate tonight. I was torn between the Palin/Biden debate and the Canadian debate. In the case of the Canadian effort, I use the word debate loosely. I object strongly to the fact the leader of the Bloc is even invited to this process because he will never be Prime minister, he does not have candidates anywhere but in Quebec, and he is a traitor whose ultimate goal is to tear apart Canada. Every time he spoke, I flipped the channel to the Palin/Biden discussion.
Elizabeth May, of the Green Party, also has no sitting members of parliament and should not qualify for the debate. Without those two there, it would still have been a 'piling on' of Harper. I suppose when you have nothing to offer, you just attack your opponent. It is sad that nothing was debated. It was a barrage of accusations against Stephen Harper and he was never given time to properly defend himself, his party, his policies, or his record.
Isn't it interesting that he is being accused of doing so much harm while in office as a minority leader when at any time at all, Dion and Layton could have forced an election. In the end, it was Harper that called the election. Isn't it always just about power? Sad.
I am so ready for this business to end and go somewhere tropical and put my toes in the sand.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Rooster Sketch

I sharpened my pencil the other day and tried my hand at sketching. The results were so incredibly amateurish and child-like that I resorted to doing it on Photo Shop. Now that's better.
Tonight is the first leadership debate, however, it is in French. I have opted to watch the hockey game instead and will read the results of the debate later tonight. Watching a debate with sub-titles is not a good way to catch the subtle nuances of speech and how they coordinate with body language. I will have to trust the pundits as to who won the first round.
My new grandson came to dinner last night and brought the rest of the family with him. It was his first meal with us, but he refused to eat at the table. In fact he slept right through my dialogue about how honoured we were to have him with us. When all the food was cleared and the dishes put away, he decided it was time for him to eat. But no BBQ salmon for him, no siree! He was only interested in the old tried and true, that which only mom can provide. What a contented and satisfied look on his face when he was done! I must say that the bonding is progressing quite well.