Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yellow Roses

What a pleasant surprise it was to find that the mural we were to hang was a bit of a dream come true for me. With the advent of non-woven wall coverings, I was wondering when murals would be printed on this amazing medium. Well, now they are. A regular sized 12' x 8' photomural now comes in 4 panels instead of 8. The adhesive can be rolled on the wall and the panels put in place without any expansion, soaking, warping, twisting or stretching.

This German made product was simply the best. Because there is no soaking time, and because there are only 4 panels, the hanging time on this mural was not the usual 3-4 hours, but a mere 1.5 hours, which was mostly spent plotting and pre-trimming.

The colour and print quality is outstanding and the finished product is beautiful, with invisible, butted seams.

As a side note, I papered this entire townhouse unit about 20 years ago. The couple I worked for at that time have since deceased and the man of the house is actually buried right next to my Mom and Dad at a nearby cemetery. There have been two owners since and now that all the old wallpaper is gone, the murals are going up.

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