Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Available for purchase at my new website.
The posts on this blog have been scarce of late. I have had a sense of urgency to finish a project I have been working on for several months now.
I have been greatly encouraged, by those who enjoy my photographs, to offer them for sale. I researched a number of host websites and finally decided to build my new business on the Smugmug platform.
There was a learning curve to be sure, but I finally designed and set up my own website on which to display and sell my photos. I am pleased with the results and the great thing is, I can re-design, change, add, delete, and tweak the site at will.
I have based my idea for a photography business on the '100 mile diet' in which a person eats only food grown or produced in a 100 mile radius of his home, thereby reducing excess transportation and encouraging local business. My research taught me that people generally appreciate local art depicting local culture, scenes, and landmarks, over art content from unfamiliar locations. It must be recognisable and of good quality.
My site offers a variety of products, from digital downloads to all sizes of prints, to canvas wrapped reproductions, to mugs and tee-shirts. When ordering on the site, all prices are in $CAN and the product is shipped right to your door, similar to any other on-line shopping.
I would be honoured and thrilled if my readers of this blog would drop by and take a look at the site and especially thrilled if some product was ordered.
Here is the web address for 'Terryography100'
Just click here and thanks for being one of the first visitors!

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