Sunday, October 5, 2014


When holidaying in Oroville this past August, we were fortunate to have a variety of weather. It can often be hot hot hot for the whole week but this time we had a really mixed bag of weather. On three separate occasions we even had sunshine showers which can provide rainbows if the angles are right.

When photographing landscapes, I always use a polarizing screen on my lenses. This circular filter will eliminate reflections when turned the right way and the light is more or less 90 degrees to the angle of the shot. It makes sense, but I discovered, much to my surprise, that when the polarizer is at full effect, the rainbow totally disappears. The reason is because a rainbow is reflected light and the filter eliminates reflections. By turning the filter in the opposite direction, the rainbow suddenly appears. When it is at its most colourful, that is the time to press the shutter.  
Everybody loves a rainbow!

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