Saturday, February 7, 2015

Easy, Not so Easy

I have been getting positive feedback regarding my work posts so here are another 3 jobs that we have done recently. This one is glittery wallpaper in a hair dressing salon. The owner had us do her other studio about two years ago and called on us again for this new venture.

The glitter only shows up in certain light at certain angles. The seams totally disappeared on this product and she was more than happy when  we had enough left over to cover the walls in this small alcove.


I have become quite leery about pre-pasted wallpapers as there is little control that the hanger has over the many things that going on with this obsolete kind of product. This pattern was shiny black on matte black and when it was wet, it was all glossy, making it literally impossible to see and match the pattern. A bright halogen lamp held at a certain angle was the only way to see what I was doing.
The seams were cut wavy at the factory so they were open and closed, open and closed. Not much I could do.

I felt bad for the customer and gave her a big discount on my hanging fee even though the problem was not anything to do with me. I suggested she get a supplier rep in to see the flaws for himself and refund her the money both for the paper and for our fee. It has been 10 days and I have not heard back from her.


Doing this job was a pure pleasure. There were no floors, no baseboards, and new crown mouldings were going to be installed so we simply rolled the walls twice and then mapped, taped, and painted the vertical stripes. Dark grey on light grey is a winning combination and the final result was stunning.

Using the new Frog tape for delicate surfaces, we were able to tape and then peel the stripes all within an hour. For those not familiar with this tape, it has a chemical in the adhesive that is activated by the paint and forms a perfect seal on the tape's edge. There is zero bleeding with this tape and the stripes were razor sharp.
In and out in 4 hours and another very happy customer.

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