Monday, February 2, 2015

We Are In a Shadowland

After a brief hiatus, I will make an attempt to post a few items in the next few days. I met one of my faithful readers a day or two ago and he was wondering if something was wrong with his computer because he was no longer getting any new posts on this blog. After 2200 or more posts I do suppose I was conspicuous by my absence.
busylizzy and I took in a live drama presented by the Gallery 7 theater group here in town. It was quite a few years ago since we saw the movie and also saw the first presentation of this drama by this same production company but in a different venue and with different actors. It was fresh for me not only because my memory about such things is not sharp, but the passage of time and some maturing on my part gave me a different perspective on the issues in the story, this time around.
For those not familiar with this story, it is about CS Lewis and his brief marriage to an American woman, Joy Gresham. 'Jack' Lewis was an avowed bachelor and indeed felt awkward around women, but was quite smitten when he met and fell in love with Joy, an effervescent and life-loving, yet divorced woman. They start out as friends, end up in a marriage of convenience so Joy could move to the UK, and after she is diagnosed with bone cancer, they truly marry and spend three wonderful years together before the cancer takes her life.  
The first scene shows Jack lecturing an audience on pain, suffering, loss, and a loving God. He is confident and has all the pat answers. Near the end of the play, Jack is again giving the same lecture but his beloved is on her deathbed. You can see, hear, and feel the doubt and questions he has as he utters the same words of several years ago. Now theory has been replaced with experience and he is doubting.
For me it was a very moving scene as I could identify with Jack, as I am sure many others could. I was glad to come away from the play encouraged instead of with further pondering of this important life question. The casting and acting were superb. Although the play has now run its course, I would highly recommend at least seeing the movie.

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