Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No Credit, No Blame

This is the second home hair dressing business I have been called to this year. This was a beautiful set-up, clean and efficient. The retro wallpaper was pre-pasted, and, typical of pre-pasted, it presented challenges.

When I was done, the owner seemed quite pleased and asked if I would not want to leave my business cards on her counter and tap into the many people who come here and would see the 'great job' I did. I declined and she was bewildered. I told her that although she cold not see the inferior quality of the paper, there would be those who would and they would say "Who hung your paper?" The seams were not lying down flush, no matter what I did as well as the edge of paper not having enough colour to hide the seam. Even a coloured water soluble pen did not help.
This is one I will not get residual business from, nor will my reputation be ruined by it. Just don't get too close, keep the lights low, and it will be just fine.

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