Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On Being Fickle

It is extremely rare for me to strip the paper I hang due to a change of mind on the part of the customer. This was a strange case.
The first job we did for Walnut Ridge townhouses was two show homes, where we papered a feature wall in the master bedroom and a main floor powder room. here

Then I get a call from the builder saying that one of the show homes was sold but the buyer did not like the wallpaper so the builder hired someone to strip it. Then, the customer, seeing the plain walls, wanted the paper back on the wall, at least in the power room.

We went back last week and re-installed the paper. It was easy because our old markings and plumb lines were still visible. The temperature in the vacant suite was intolerable but with plenty of spray bottles and cool water, we kept the adhesive workable and did the job in record time. While we were there, another new home owner came to see what we were doing and that little visit resulted in another job.

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