Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Construction Project

The new back steps project began with a challenge. How do you haul 12' material home in a truck with a 6' box. My Brother-in-law came to the rescue with his load extender which fit snugly onto the hitch on the back of my truck. I was grateful for only one steep uphill grade all the way home.

Setting up tools and saw horses in the back yard. The lawn may be toast, literally, but at least there was shade.

Old steps down and the first stringer up.

Andrew screwing down the second last tread.

He doesn't know I took this photo. Hehe.

Complete except for painting the rail, some of which we had to replace with new wood.

New treads all cut, primed and painted.

We used treated lumber for the stringers. They will last beyond my lifetime.
Let the winter rains come now because I have one less thing to worry about.
But now for that roof that is twenty years old next year. The cost of the stair project was under $200 in materials. The roof .... well, my first estimate came in and it is $12000.00


Rachel said...

Did you get a quote from Howie's Roofing?

Terry said...

Who is that?