Monday, July 6, 2015

Grass, Again

The sellers of Grass Cloth highly recommend that the purchasers of this product do not attempt to hang it themselves. And rightly so. It was a vicious learning curve for me, many years ago, but today with my experience and own personal technique, I quite enjoy it and the only problem I ever run into is the obvious discrepancies in the product from one roll to the next.
You can even see the difference between panels in the above photo. They are off two rolls of same pattern and batch number. This variation cannot be seen when stretching the paper on the table or floor as the wrinkles and unevenness prevent seeing it accurately. Once it is on the wall, two adjacent panels are stretched and smoothed onto the wall and the variation is very obvious.
In this one that we did on Saturday, I pointed it out to the customer and she was perfectly fine with it. There was a large screen TV going on the wall and the transition was going to be right behind the TV.

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