Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Work With a View

We were given ample lead time for this job, but, the day we started it, we found out there were severe time restraints and deadlines. We had already started on a Saturday morning to get a head start. The floor layers were there and promptly informed us that we could only be one hour as they were 'floating' the wavy floor in preparation for laminate. The smooth set could only be walked on 24 hours later. So we hit it with a vengeance on Monday morning.  

There were some intense colours and the change from lime green was welcome.

The office was a deep burnt orange. There were six colours altogether. The living/entry was a deep rich red with black trim.

We finished about an hour after the final cleanup crew arrived, and the movers were parking their big rig at the base of the tower. We put up with loud saws, hammering, and very fine sawdust all week and were more than happy to get out of there. This was the third home I have painted or wallpapered for this client. We also hung some commercial vinyl wall covering in his restaurant. Needless to say that we like each other.

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