Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sensory Overload

The annual spring Tulip Festivals are well under way in the Fraser Valley. There are two of them this year. The Tulips were very late in coming and they are reluctant to leave. They love the cooler temperatures and that is what we are having.
The owner of the land on which this field of Tulips was grown is a good friend of mine and I was thrilled to get his permission to enter the field 'after hours'. The hours of operation are right when the light is at its harshest, and because the view is to the south, the camera more or less points into the sun, with the Tulips in the foreground. At sunset, the light is coming from the side and it makes all the difference when composing a good photo. I was thrilled to have a dramatic sky as a backdrop to the vast flood of red. There really is nothing like standing in a large field of brightly coloured Tulips in their peak.

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