Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Around the Island

Mt. Baker from Vancouver Island.

Snow caps on the Olympic Peninsula.

A dazzling beach house.

Boats and more boats everywhere you go.

A pastoral scene near Duncan.

Captain Cook.

Chinese Dragon at the gateway to China Town in downtown Victoria.  

China Town gate.

Clock tower.

Cowichan Bay.

A window display in a shop in Cow Bay.

A Fisherman's Wharf houseboat owned by a local diver who has displayed his various finds while diving in the harbour. It is mostly diving equipment, cell phones, and digital cameras.

Victoria's inner harbour with the Empress Hotel in the background. We did a lot of walking that day, but every minute was enjoyable.

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Chris said...

What no comments? Those are amazing pictures of your sisters's home island towns and outlying areas. Enjoyed looking at them, thanks.