Monday, May 26, 2014


This book is another example of short and sweet, interesting and informative for the photographer in you. I am sure that when God said "Let there be light", he had in mind more that 8 types of light, but this book works within the world of light as it relates to photography and how the different types of light serve the purpose of creating good photos.
Below is an example from my collection, taken a few days ago, where a cardinal rule of photography is broken. "Always have the sun at your back", limits what you can do creatively. In fact, all eight types of light that Anne talks about in her book can work to your advantage, or if not managed properly, can make for some very dull photos. I like this little book because I am a contrarian type of fellow and like to break the rules at times. (not the law). It is both challenging and satisfying to push the limits of light and I find that it brings out the artist in me.  
This little book gets 4 stars.

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