Friday, May 16, 2014

Book on Photography

Being a hobby photographer and enjoying it very much, I find it helpful to read an occasional book on photography. Many times I have done so and found that the one or two things I have learned and applied have taken my hobby to another level. "Beyond the Lens" is a book of encouragement, inspiration, tips, and examples of Robert Rodriguez's excellent image making. The Kindle version does not show up in colour on my Kindle model, but nevertheless, I can see, even in the black and whites, what he is striving to teach.
What I came away this time, is two things. Know your equipment, whatever the level it may be at, and practise, practise, practise.
The greatest thing ever about digital photography is the fact that it costs nothing but time and effort to do this.
I am finding that both of these tips are helping me. I have been 'out' on numerous occasions already this spring and have come up with some great images. I may never reach the level of a professional like Rodriguez, but I am having a wonderful and creative time trying to get even half way there.
The book is short and sweet, and an easy read, and one should be able to take something out of it that will help on the very next click of the shutter.
3 stars 

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Chris said...

This is a book that is highly recommended by photographers. I haven't read it yet but it is supposed to be a "different kind of read" than the usual book of photography. More about composition and trying to portray through photography how you see your world. I have read some reviews and it was all very positive.