Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Colour II

In my previous post, I mentioned how much we enjoy working with colour. Last week we re-decorated this 1400 sq. ft. home and, included, was re-finishing the front entry door. It was almost totally obscured by the ivy and after they trimmed the foliage way back and we scraped, sanded, filled, caulked and sanded some more, we finally started getting rid of the orange. There were lumps, bumps, cracks and orange paint on the glass.

After we were done it was a masterpiece, just like new, especially after we installed the new weather strips and replaced the stainless steel kick at the bottom of the door.  At first I was leery about the colour, which they chose, but after the second coat, and standing at the street to get the 'big picture' I actually quite liked it.
Another satisfied customer, who very generously treated us to a dinner out as a tip.

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sultana said...

Anytime your work gets me out of making dinner I win. so enjoyable!