Sunday, June 15, 2014


Evening skies over Oroville Wa. USA
It is one year since my father passed away. It is Father's Day today and I cannot help but think of my orphan status. Many thoughts come to mind and here are a few of them.
I was fortunate to have a dad for 65 years. Not everyone my age can say that.
I do not regret spending a lot of time with him, throughout my entire life.
I learned many things from my dad, both what to do and what not to do. Teaching both is important.
Having a dad is a gift that is to be treasured and appreciated. They will love you unconditionally, even when they are ticked.  
My thoughts about fatherhood must now turn in other directions. My own status as a father and how I can do that better, how being a grandfather is part of the package, and how I now look to my heavenly father for all and more that I received from my earthly father.
The metaphor of God being our father is pure genius. When we see it in light of our own situation within our family, the parallels are uncanny. But beyond that, the relationship with God as our Father  is on a much higher plain. It is here that fatherhood reaches perfection. A perfect father loving an imperfect child and doing everything for his ultimate good and for his ultimate benefit is not achievable on a human level.
We Christians speak of a reunion with our loved ones when we reach the afterlife. Will our embrace with our earthly parents be nearly as sweet as finally being in the presence of our Heavenly Father? How wonderful that we will get to experience both.
Today I cannot give my dad a box of chocolates and tell him that I love him, because he is not here. But I can tell my Heavenly Father that I love him and that I will commit to that love for all my life. I might even ask for a box of chocolates, which, he will no doubt, give to me, through the children whose earthly father I am.


Gaye said...

And the children who have no father or have had an abusive father? The father-god relationship has no meaning. Sadly.

Terry said...

And because the consequences of "no father" or "an abusive father" are so serious, the responsibility to be a good dad is important beyond measure. We as dads are modelling to our children and grandchildren in everything we do and say and believe.

Rachel said...

Oops! Didn't get the memo about the box of chocolates. Hopefully favorite son pony'd up!

Terry said...

I got chocolate from both of you so we're good. Thank you's all around.