Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coming Out

In case you had not noticed, I have had limited activity on this blog in the last few weeks. I have not lost my enthusiasm, run out of photos or ideas, or forgotten how to do it. The important ingredient that is missing is energy.
It seems that I have temporarily come out of retirement for a while and after a day's work I am good for a few games of internet Scrabble and them I am done. I am a Zombie after a day of work. I can barely move.
Why, you might ask? As to coming out of retirement, I actually never officially retired but only tried, successfully, to slow down. However, a few lucrative jobs came my way and at the time of considering them, I felt energetic enough to take them on, no doubt due to the fact that I was well rested.
Fatigue will dampen one's enthusiasm to get out there with a camera, load and process the photos, and them come up with something to write about. The two photos here were taken with a minimum of effort, right here in our garden.
As to a continuation of work, yes, I have taken on more contracts and will have a busy summer. I am slowly getting back into shape and even though very tired at the end of the day, all systems benefit from physical work. Walking every day is great but is not as beneficial as the activity I do when working.
If this all sounds crazy for an old semi-retired guy like me, it gets crazier. We are receiving word any moment now about a 2 week contract that requires working through the night!
"What does not kill you will make you stronger". We will see about that.  

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