Saturday, November 8, 2014


I have not posted on this blog for a while now. There are multiple reasons.

1. Connections through Facebook are more current, in real time, and diverse.

2. I have not been out photographing for many weeks now and that fact has discouraged me.

3. I am back to work after my gout episode, but still not 100% as the limping around has caused a sore back. Constant pain, no matter the grade, is wearing and discouraging.

4. I have enjoyed posting book reviews over the years, but I am stuck on a Charles Dickens novel, "Bleak House", that is sucking the joy of reading from my bones. It is the longest, most wordy novel I have ever read, but many reviewers have said that to endure is worth it in the end. I am near the end and waiting for the reward. Why do I not just put it down and be done with it? I finish what I start.

5. I am getting the winter doldrums and feel generally unmotivated at this time of the year.

6. I have been working on my photo website .

I hope to be back on track soon.

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