Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Repetitious

Earlier this summer we hung wallpaper in a show suite at Walnut Ridge, a townhouse complex in Cloverdale. We did the feature wall in the master bedroom and the powder room on the main floor of the three storey townhouse. The units have been selling and some of the buyers want the same wallpaper in their own unit. We went back last week to do two more. The first three photos are taken in the powder room where there were two windows to paper around as well as a toilet with little to no clearance.

The wall coverings that they chose are nice, and very easy to work with. We also have heat and hot and cold running water, something we do not take for granted on a construction site. Tomorrow we go back to do another unit.

Today we were working locally in an office complex being renovated. Here I am working in a small washroom doing a feature wall that is 12' high! It is a high end fabric backed commercial vinyl.

I was at the top of the ladder and was thankful that the gout in my foot is about 95% gone. We found the pattern match on the edge of the vinyl that allowed us to overlap and double cut the seams, meaning that they were invisible when done.

This action shot shows me double cutting the overlapped seam. There are a number of tricks to doing this successfully but when done right, it is the best seam you could possible have.
Here is the funny part. I was hanging the last piece (below) when the foreman informed me that the designer had just informed him that she wanted the pattern hung horizontally. A few years ago I would have freaked out, but today I just chuckled and said, "Too late."

The lighting was poor and the water was ice cold and from the basement, but we managed to do a great job anyway. I was happy that it was a small job.

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