Friday, November 28, 2014

And More Wallpaper

Yesterday it was another trip to Walnut Ridge in Cloverdale. We heard from the supplier that these builders just ordered a few more cases of these patterns so it looks like we will be going back a few more times.

It takes about an hour to cover a feature wall like the one above. About 4 hours to do a bathroom with everything installed. (mirrors, toilets, light fixtures, base board heaters, vanity, thermostat, and electrical covers)  A bare bathroom is about an hour or more less time. They pay by the hour so I don't mind.

It is a very attractive complex, but very crowded and the units are tall and small.

No room for a ladder but with only 7' ceilings, it does not matter. I spoke with the wallpaper salesman at our supplier's today and he said that wallpaper sales are going through the roof. With the cost of the new style patterns, nobody wants to tackle their own hanging. Fine by me! 

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