Monday, December 1, 2014


This specialty product from Cole and Sons of London England was supposed to arrive in 4-5 weeks. Would you believe two days! The supplier had some in stock in Vancouver and so we re-scheduled, much to the delight of the customer.

Is it a Mural, or is it a 54" wide pattern with staggered drop on 27" wide stock. Hard to say, but the repeat on it was not immediately obvious and the illusion was a wall full of storm clouds.

Quite beautiful, really, and again, Cole and Sons puts out a great product, if not pricey.  

The electrical connection box for the wall mounted big screen TV.

The last little trim from beside the door frame where I had to 'fudge' the pattern or order another $500.00 worth of material.
From set-up to clean-up, elapsed time was 1 1/2 hours, but I would not suggest that this is a project for the uninitiated.


Gaye said...

It looks like the pattern is lying on its side?

Terry said...

You are not the first one to say that, but it is not, according to the photo from the supplier.