Monday, June 6, 2016

Fast Service

These look like black and white photos but they are not.
I got a call from a young mom who was home on maternity leave and wanted to spruce up the new home they had just moved into the week before. She said she had several areas to wallpaper, she had the materials, and could I come to look and give her a price. We had a short day on Tuesday so we went just before lunch. I liked what I saw, gave her a price, and asked if we could start right away, as in right NOW. She was thrilled and gave us the 'go ahead'. By noon the next day we had a nook, a main bathroom, an ensuite, and a feature wall in the guest room papered.

I only took photos of two of the areas. This guest room had the barn board effect. Her accessories went well together. I particularly liked the canvas wrapped horse photo.

This geometric design looked really sharp in the bathroom. Coincidentally, I hung the exact same paper on Friday, but this time in a dining area of a new home just north of this location.

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