Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jobs Under 2 Hours

This was a pretty basement reno where there was once only studs and bit of gyproc. There was a roll of wallpaper left over so a few weeks later we were asked to come back because the customer found a wall small enough to fit the amount of paper and they did not want to throw it out.

A small alcove at the end of the basement hall was a perfect place for it. We have a minimum charge equivalent to 2 hours of work and this one came in quite a bit under the 2 hours.

With the furniture back in place, it looked like it had always been there.

On to another very small job, hanging paintable wallpaper. This was very inexpensive material and was only slightly better than wet newspaper, being very delicate and fragile. It is most difficult cutting the paper against the ceiling and baseboards when it nothing but wet pulp. It is only meant to be a bit of texture under paint. The customer told us he would call us to paint it when his daughter had chosen a colour. 10 days now and no call. Who knows?

And then 2 small walls in a bathroom, looking very much dressed up when we were done. The impact of wallpaper is what is so appealing to people. The trend for more wallpaper continues. The last run was in the 80'-90's and lasted about 8 years. We are three years into this latest trend now.

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