Thursday, September 8, 2016


The South Asian (East Indian) community is known for building some of the largest houses in our city. If you have ever driven past one of them and wondered what it was like inside, here is a glimpse. We work in them quite often and they are mostly characterized by bling, the latest and greatest of ideas and materials, and having something just a bit better than what their neighbour has.

The powder room must have a chandelier, and the sink must be above counter and unusual. Of course, wallpaper will make it just that much more special.

The living room and family rooms are showcases of fancy features.

And more wallpaper.

Columns, candelabras, and chandeliers in the master bedrooms are a must. Most have more than one master suite. The recessed blue lighting behind the crown moulding is something that is becoming more popular. These LED strips are also put in the bathrooms under the counter tops and running under the vanities as night lights.

The kids rooms are getting some attention now too.

These folks are good to work for, not demanding, easy to please, and they mostly pay on time. When the word gets out that you do a good job for a fair price and are dependable, they pass your name around and soon the phone rings day and night. But if one thing goes wrong, it takes a long time to start over again with them.

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