Thursday, September 15, 2016


I do not ever display a bad job on this blog because we never, or at least very rarely, ever have one. But here is an example. We have had two of these this summer and in both cases I have pointed out the problems to the customer and given them the option of leaving the paper up or taking it down right then and there. With 40 years of experience, I know every trick in the book for getting the seams to lie down on wallpaper. There are rare cases where nothing works. This is one of them. The customer assured me he was OK with it. The customer is always right so I did not argue but had it been mine, I would have demanded my money back for a bad product and chosen something else. I asked him very nicely to never tell anyone who hung the paper. It reflects badly on me even though I could do nothing about it. The critical observer does not know that and would tend to only judge the workmanship which looks very bad on this paper. I am thrilled that new technology in the wallpaper industry is making this scenario a thing of the past. There are still a few hold-outs in the industry who insist on making these inferior products. When I do consultations, I always steer my customers to those brands and manufacturers who 'getting with the program'.

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