Monday, September 19, 2016

The Designer's Own

We have done much work for one of the leading architectural and interior designers of our area. It is always high end and always of the best quality. This time, we did his own home. This is not the first time, but this is the latest time.  

Cole and Son's is the only wallpaper company I have personally contacted and told how much I appreciated and enjoyed their excellent product.

The flamingos went up in the laundry area. Very unique and interesting.

And then there were the bamboo shoots in the powder room. I actually quite liked this too. So different from what we usually do and the product was excellent to work with.

We were just packing up to leave when the builder discovered that there was more for us to do. The owner was on vacation and had not told anyone about the mural in his daughter's room and it was discovered quite by accident.

It too was a wonderful product and took very little time even though we were told very late in the day that it was to be done. I love doing this kind of work!

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