Sunday, April 9, 2017

An Artful Floral

I really appreciate the variety in my work, not only the areas that I work in and the people I work for, but the beautiful patterns and materials that are coming out of the industry today. This paper is most beautiful to look at and to touch. The background is a crinkle paint look and the flowers are very artistic. The pattern match was a staggered drop match making the pattern so random on the wall that it was difficult to see any repetition at all, and that is rare.

This was the first job I did after a two week bout of the flu. I felt very weak and shaky but managed to get it done.

The vanity was an old salvaged dresser that was painted and plumbed. It was gorgeous, but not easy to get around as it was permanently fastened to the wall. The old fashioned vintage look was definitely achieved in this powder room make-over.

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Gaye said...

That is gorgeous!