Friday, April 7, 2017

Black Grass Cloth

An interior designer from Abbotsford asked me if I would drive to South Surrey to do a small job because she could not find an installer for her client's very expensive black grass cloth. I did not care much for the design of the house but the wallpaper was very nice.

I started in the center of the wall so that the panels and seams would be equidistant from the corners. Grass cloth is a very panelled look so the placement of the seams is critical.

Not many people are brave enough to tackle grass cloth. It is tricky and very expensive. I learned to hang it in the 80's when west coast design houses with vaulted ceilings, cedar, and exposed beams were popular, all surrounded by various shades of grass cloth.

I developed a technique that is unique and works very well.

A close up shot.

It is difficult to cut and is very hard on knife blades. It is also not fun to strip. I hope they liked it and were prepared to keep it for a long time. If we could have come back the next day to take a photo when it was dry, the distinct panel look would be quite a bit less.

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