Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birds of Paradise

I like most of the wallpaper that I am asked to hang. Every so often, I get to work with a stunning pattern. When I first opened one of the rolls of this paper, I was amused and thought it belonged in a kids room and not in a guest powder room in a lovely home on Orchard Drive.
By the time I was done all the walls in the L-shaped room, I was in love with it. Of course, the photo does not do it justice. I have never felt the freedom to take photos in other people's homes without their permission, so I did not take a photo of the completed room. Besides, the vanity and other fixtures had not yet been installed so it would not have looked complete. The clients absolutely loved it and were genuinely excited to complete the little project.
This was one of those new non-woven fabric backed wall coverings that I really enjoy working with. They are forgiving, manufactured accurately, and go up fast and easy.
Perhaps close to forty years of experience doesn't hurt either.

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