Friday, June 14, 2013


We recently spent two weeks sprucing up a beautiful home on Matsqui Prairie. The original home was built in 1945 and about 8 years ago it was added on to and totally refurbished, but in a way that kept the old farmhouse heritage feel. This stairway was a transition from the old to the new, leading to the upper level of the expansion over the double garage.

We prepped and painted all the walls, doors and trim including this three-way banister and stairwell. It had originally been all white, 8 years ago. This time, the dark brown rails and posts were added as an accent. (after we painted the spindles and base plates white) My partner loves detail work, the more finicky the better. I lost patience for this kind of thing a few years ago. I can do it, but I get antsy and impatient, and it shows in the quality of the workmanship.

I was asked to do this paint job when the house was renovated 8 years ago, but turned it down because we do not do 'new work'. The reasons are many. But when it comes to re-decorating a home like this, we really excel if I do say so myself. It has always been our specialty. We take care of the detail, and are clean and tidy. These qualities are lost on new construction. When we are done a job like the one above, no other sub-trades come in and ruin our work. It is the customer's to enjoy and take care of.

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