Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wasting Water?

It is very uncharacteristic for busylizzy and I to run away at a moments notice. We are too agenda driven and responsible to do such things. Until last Saturday. We had a chance meeting at home at lunch time. I had my afternoon planned so I was a bit miffed when busylizzy insisted, quite out of the blue, that she needed to get of town. She seemed deadly serious and it was going to be the both of us or only her, but she was going to get out of town.
Being the protective husband that I am, and wanting to escape also, except with a bit more planning, I threw my toothbrush in the bag with hers and off we headed. We did not even know where to, when we hit the freeway. This happens when there is no plan. You come to a fork in the road and you go left or right or straight ahead. We headed east because straight ahead would have meant we would run right into a giant raspberry plant. Those of you who live in my city know what I am talking about.
After much meandering, we ended up in the town of Merritt, not the most exclusive or romantic spot in BC, but there we were. This happens when there is no plan. It was getting to be late evening so we decided we had better find a place to bed down for the night. I was attracted to the "15% seniors discount" sign on the billboard. I am still new to this discount thing and I am willing to try it out any time, anywhere, even in Merritt in the Ramada Inn.
For some reason the hotels were all looking a little full that night, and when I inquired about a room, indeed there were only three left. The first one was a smoking room. We would have sooner slept in the car in the MacDonald's parking lot that lick an ashtray all night. The second room was a "pets allowed room". The decision was made for us when the night clerk stated that it was "not very nice". The final room was the honeymoon suite. With the senior's discount, it would not break the bank, so, the honeymoon suite it was.
We have stayed in hotels and motels a lot in our lives, but for some reason, we have never had a room with a Jacuzzi. In the living room!
The rest of this story shall remain unwritten.

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Chris said...

I love spontaneity and think it is so neat that you just whisked Liz away like that. When a woman like her says she needs to get away she means it. Good for you brother!