Thursday, June 13, 2013

Repeat Business

A few months ago, we worked for a wonderful couple in Walnut Grove. I used to, reluctantly, commute longer distances than Langley, but my limit is now Walnut Grove. We had done a house for this couple's daughter, and she recommended us to her parents.
There were a number of feature walls in this townhouse and they were all purple. In the above photo, you can see that the living room is in upheaval, and there were many patches on the walls. The banister was scarred and dirty and badly in need of paint also.

 A few hours later, the purple was replaced with 'Stanley Park Green' and the rail was new and shiny. We also worked in other rooms and were there for about three days.
That was then, and today we were back to do more. Two bathrooms, a bedroom, and the kitchen all got makeovers. Not only has the appearance been enhanced, but definitely, value has been added to their home.
I like my work. It makes people happy!


Rachel said...

now their purple leather recliner doesn't match

Terry said...

It went to MCC