Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Cold and Windy Day Part 2

After being housebound for most of last week with a bad head cold, it was great to get outside again, even though it was bitterly cold. I was dressed warmly enough and even managed to expose my hands a few times to take a few photos. These are Euphorbia plants, a nice green just in time for St. Patrick's day.

The tide was on its way out, and whitecaps were pretty. For a sunny day in White Rock, people were staying away in droves. It was more or less abandoned. Even the restaurants were empty.

The beach that beckons in summer, repels in winter.

Could one ever go to White Rock and not photograph the white rock? It was fairly glowing in the brilliant sunshine this day.

The guard bear stands watch.

Rebellious me crawled onto the railway tracks for this worm's eye view when I saw the sign "Stay Off The Tracks" Had I not flattened myself to the old railway ties at the last second, the train would have crushed me like a peanut. As it was, only the shirt on my back was ripped off. Well, that is what the sign is all about, is it not? I suppose some people are too stupid to stay off the tracks when the train is coming so they have to put up the sign. Probably to avoid law suits because when someone is drunk they will not see or heed the sign anyway.

We then drove further west and a bit north to Crescent Beach and it was even worse there, for wind and cold. The bay was so churned up that as you can see, it is thick with mud. Well, we did get some sun and some Vitamin D but I hope not a relapse of the cold I just got rid of.

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