Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I was walking in the park this afternoon and this is about where it happened. I was assaulted. Yes, assaulted. In broad daylight.
No, it was not by some gang of school kids bored with Spring Break. It was not by a drug addict looking for money for his next fix. It was not by some aggressive goose flushed with spring fever. It was not by a rogue Pit Bull that escaped the leash. It was not even some elderly man on a scooter attacking me in a jealous rage over my youthful appearance and ambulatory capabilities. It was by something quite innocuous and innocent looking.
It snuck up on me, unawares, and attacked me, in the head area. It left me with tears in my red and swollen eyes, and fits of expelling great amounts of spittle and phlegm in violent outbursts. I may as well have been mugged. I was useless for hours after, in such a state of distress was I. 
Who is the perpetrator of this dastardly deed you might ask? My arch enemy, my spring time nemesis. The Birch and Alder pollen. I no longer trust those quiet walks in the park. It will be at least three weeks before I will have the courage to venture outdoors once again. Our streets and parks are not as safe as we would like to think.   

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Gaye said...

I have a solution for the itchy eyes. You have to ask the pharmacist for it. It's called Opticrom. NOTHING else works.You can't go cheap on this. I've tried it all.