Saturday, March 29, 2014


I found this author and his series a number of years ago and got bogged down waiting for volume 4. It finally arrived. The Strongbow Saga by Judson Roberts is the story of a young Dane named Halfdan. From his humble beginnings to the days of glory in battle, we follow this young man's exploits and adventures as he tries to right some grievous injustices done to his family. His travels take him to various parts of Europe and back again to the Scandinavian fjords where he was born and raised.  He has grown into a skilled warrior but a man of honour who has a strong senses of justice.
The books take the reader into the world of Vikings, from everyday life in the long houses to life on a long ship of war as it plies the rough northern waters, fighting pirates and renegade family members. There has been considerable research to make the locations and events as true to the historical record as possible. It is one of those stories that is very difficult to put down, even though the hour is late. I thought the saga was going to come to an end with this particular volume but the plot only thickens instead of coming to a conclusion. There are new characters and loose ends here and now I cannot wait for the next book in this series. This is the sign of a good writer.
Hint: Reading the series in sequence is almost a necessity as there are plot twists and characters that will mean nothing without the back story.
Thanks to Bill for lending me his Kindle for this one.
4 stars 

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