Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saving Art

I know it has been around for a while but we finally went and saw the movie "The Monuments Men". WWII is drawing to a close and it has come to light that Hitler is stealing and stowing away all the masterpiece works of art from the invaded countries of Europe. A small group of men is commissioned to hunt down and rescue these paintings, sculptures, and tapestries. It is interesting from a historical perspective and views a bit like a documentary. Where the movie delves into personalities it gets a bit silly, but the broader picture is enough to hold one's attention. John Goodman of "Rosanne" fame is a cardboard character if ever I saw one. Bill Murray is passable. George Clooney is good as the leader of the task force, but then I am fan of George's. Matt Damon plays the youngest of the hunters and is a family man. Hats off to Hollywood (or actual history) to have a character portrayed as a loyal husband in Paris where he is sorely tempted.
Perhaps the stars of the show are the art pieces themselves, or maybe they are replicas. It makes one shudder to think that these masterpieces were on the brink of destruction. It is one more reason to believe that Hitler was the most sinister of madmen to ever inhabit our planet.
We enjoyed the movie and I would give it  3 1/2 stars 

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