Friday, August 1, 2014

A Pleasant Diversion

The night time marathon continues as we do the long commute, work until 2 am, and then drag ourselves home to flop into a sleepless stupor.
Our job site is immediately next to a 24 Hr. A&W restaurant. This usually provides some entertainment when we have a chance to look out the windows from our second storey vantage point. It is surprising that there is a steady stream of vehicles using the drive-through in the middle of the night. Of course, we also use it for the occasional cup of coffee or bag of onion rings.
Last night when we got to work, there was no parking in our usual spot between the restaurant and our building. The parking all around that area was full of 50's and 60's automobiles as the restaurant was having a nostalgia cruise in. Even the big furry A&W Root Bear was there. There were car hops serving up frosty mugs of root beer and plenty of rock 'n roll blaring on the outdoor speakers. Had we not been on a tight agenda that night, we would have stayed in the parking lot and joined in the merriment.
By 10 pm the last of the boomer's and their hot rides had dispersed to their homes and their cozy beds. This boomer was just getting ramped up for a hard night's work.
Just feeling a bit sorry for myself today.

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