Monday, August 25, 2014

The Many Moods of Lake Osoyoos

A lot of my time, on our holiday in Oroville, is spent simply soaking in the beauty that is spread out before us. It is ever changing, ever beautiful. Day to day, hour to hour, there was constant change this year. A clear sunny sky can get mundane after a while.

Desert rain seems to come in two varieties, torrential downpour or gentle showers. We had both, but only for one 24 hr. period. It was welcome after three days of oppressive heat that would only cool by two degrees at night.

Surprisingly, for the uninitiated, some of the best colour in the skies comes at sunset and is displayed in the east. Not one photo is this post is a sunrise, but all photos are pointing east or north.


This was a particularly eerie evening as the sky overhead was dark with storm clouds and then in the north, over Osoyoos, came a white glow from clearing northern skies.

Looking south at sunset.

And north at sunset. If we look west at sunset there is a very large and close steep mountain that totally blocks the view.

Ever changing and more beautiful by the minute.

Looking northeast we often see clouds like this, resembling the billowing smoke of a forest fire over the ridge.

We do not get clouds like this at home, in combination with crystal clear air. Ever changing and ever beautiful, I come home with way too many cloud pictures, but no two are the same. Please look at them large and you will get a feel for what it is like to spend a day sky gazing in Oroville.


Anonymous said...

Incredible! God's personal water colour painting free for our viewing.

Margarete K said...

My happy place... you have captured some of the beauty. Love the ever changing views even when you are looking at the same place!