Friday, August 29, 2014

Night Shift Photos

I now have the photos from our night job from last month. It is a physiotherapy clinic in Surrey and we could only work after hours, and the place had to be put back in order for the next days business hours. Above is the exercise room. It was larger than it looks on this photo with banks of treadmills along two windowed walls to the left and behind the camera.

All new paint on doors, shelves and walls. New baseboards are missing at this stage.

This was a very grubby and worn shelf before we got to it.

The feature wall in the reception area. We painted over old wallpaper in this and the office area. It worked well.

This was an interesting framed wall where clients could leave testimonials and comments. It was full and no room for current comments so we stain sealed all the felt marker writing and gave it three coats for a fresh start. The sticky stencil letters are there temporarily while we painted the main wall.

Here is the fresh new slate with the lettering back in place. It did not take long for a few comments to show up. There were a few deficiencies because the baseboards were not as high as they said they would be and the old rubber base that was removed damaged the wall higher than it should have. Otherwise all went well. But... 
no more night work for me.

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