Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Good Guaranty

Two years ago, my annual eye examination dictated that I purchase a new pair of glasses. Due to circumstances, I was in a frugal mood and decided I would get the glasses at Costco. Friends of ours told us of a good experience at Costco's Optical Department so I had few reservations. After being assisted with frame selection, and inquiring about the size of the frame being appropriate for progressive lenses, and being assured that they were, I ordered and purchased the glasses. The first time I drove, which was home from Costco that day, I determined that these glasses were going to get some getting used to. I went back several times over the next months to get the fit adjusted. My big complaint was that I had to perch the glasses on the end of my nose while I was driving in order to get the far distance part of the lens to kick in. I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to break them in like a new pair of shoes.
Fast forward to Wed. and my annual check-up. The optometrist was wondering why I was waving my head around to find the sweet spot when trying to read the chart. He looked at the glasses and shook his head saying that they were all wrong. He found the 'cross' on the lens (where the long distance meets middle distance) and told me that spot should be in line with my pupil. It was way above where it should be.
So I took the glasses in to Costco today and after very careful measurements and great consternation, they informed me that the lenses were wrong and they would replace them free of charge.
This is all fine and good, however, the fact remains that the frames are too  squat for progressives. I will now lose on 'reading' what I gain on 'distance'. I anxiously await the new lenses and hope I will not have to pursue the matter any farther.  

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Rachel said...

We too had heard good thing about the optical dept at Costco but after having a few less than stellar experiences we are not convinced. We love Complete Eye Care on Bourquin.