Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nayarit Riviera

We have discovered that we are not the only creatures of habit. This our 7th trip to the Royal Decameron Complex in Bucerias north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but compared to many folks we met there, we are but newbies to this resort. With few exceptions, the new friends we made have been there more times than 7. One British couple have been coming for the last 14 years, a 25 hour journey with three flight connections, and then an 8 week stay!

The reasons are many, but one could sum it up with 'bang for the buck'. The complex is large and beautiful, with 6 blocks of rooms for a total of 620 rooms. The colours ooze old Mexican charm and ambience. The place is kept immaculate and it is surprising to see the 24/7 cleaning and maintenance crews hard at it, scrubbing and power washing, sweeping, clipping, mowing, wiping, painting, and just making it squeaky clean everywhere you look.

There are 5 pools, two of them being large rambling affairs, and one strictly adult and very quiet. 5 specialty ala carte restaurants, 2 all day snack restaurants, 2 massive buffet restaurants, and one buffet eatery that is open for breakfast and lunch and doubles as a Japanese specialty restaurant for dinner. The beach is wide and long, with more than enough room for hundred of lounges, beach volleyball, boat rentals, etc. Tide in or tide out, the beach is sandy (no rocks) and gently slopes to the surf. While we were there, the yellow flags were up because of juvenile stingrays that were attacking people who accidentally disturbed them as they lay low in the sand just off the beach. The stings were painful but not dangerous if you got a 'shot' from the infirmary. We are not beach people, other than spending some time in the sun there, so we did not get stung.  

Above is a photo of block 5 and a section of the adult pool.

The food is good with plenty of variety. Each buffet has different themes each evening for dinner so there is something there for everyone at all times. You will never go hungry as there is always something there that you will like, and always new things to try. Because there were many Mexicans there at this time of year, the emphasis on Mexican dishes was heavy in the buffets. This is not my favourite thing, but like I said, there is always something there that is delicious.

We keep going back because we know that we will get consistency, quality, and new improvements every year.

This was the view from our room on the third floor of block five, over looking the adult pool. On the right, beside the yellow 'pacman' is one of 6 bars in the complex so one is always within reach of pina colada.
I have many more photos and as I post them I will try to have themes.


Stephanie said...

I didn't know you've been there 7 times!!! You didn't mention the excellent service, and always with a smile. :)

Terry said...

I stand corrected. You are absolutely right about the service.

Rachel said...

Try something new...have an adventure! Doing the same thing over and over is old people territory. BORING!

Terry said...

Right. Let's go to Oroville this summer.

Rachel said...

We're not even booked for Oroville this year :) And that is a different situation all together!!!