Sunday, December 1, 2013

Now You See Them ....

Here today......

gone tomorrow.
I stepped out for my walk yesterday and almost immediately went back in. I just couldn't get myself to walk in the blustery frigid weather and so I opted for option #2. The treadmill. I don't like the treadmill and will only use it in a pinch. This was a pinch.
I had not been on it for a while but got in the groove quite quickly, brought it up to speed, cranked up the volume on the TV (hockey game) and was at the 4 km. mark when it happened. The reason I do not like the treadmill is that it seems to require more concentration than I am sometimes willing to give. When I walk outside, I look left, I look right, I think about this and that, and really only put one foot in front of the other, all quite safely. On the treadmill, one has to keep a constant speed and place each foot carefully in front of the next, and not vary from this precise routine.
I guess it was the fact that the Canucks let in a bunch of goals early in the game that contributed to my body language that resulted in a misstep. My left foot was half on and half off, my balance was thrown, and I went a tumbling. Thank goodness for the kill switch or I would still be on the circle of life dying a slow and painful death by a thousand blows.
Advantage: Outdoor walking, as one cannot really fall off of a wide sidewalk.
I am OK, other than embarrassed, but am again reluctant to go outdoors to finish my mileage for the day.
Advantage: Treadmill, as one can stay warm and dry and watch the Canucks spiral to oblivion which provides enough adrenalin to walk an extra K or two.


Rachel said...

This is wide open for senior jokes but I'll refrain.

Terry said...

You are too kind. :)