Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Typical Day On Vacation

Six in the morning and time to get the day going. We do not want to miss a second of the sunrise as we head out to the beach for our early morning walk.

This morning there is a lone fisherman catching his breakfast. Sometimes there would be a group of fisherman spreading their nets on the beach, pulling the 10 inch silver fish from the strands.

Walking into the sunrise without sunglasses. The air is so humid you can see the moisture and feel it condense on your cool skin.

You never know what you will find stranded on the beach. This time it is a Blowfish that got washed up in the big surf. We also saw about 25 Giant Sea Turtle nesting sites (where they had laid their eggs during the night), however, some predators had got to the depressions in the sand and had dug up the eggs and eaten all the contents, leaving only a scattered mess of shrivelled white shells.

After an invigorating walk, a hearty breakfast was in order. Coffee, orange juice, two eggs over easy, a meat turnover, bacon, a piece of roasted chicken, and roasted potatoes. After this, I usually filled a plate with fruits, such as cantaloupe, mango, watermelon, pineapple and orange slices with a breakfast pastry and second cup of coffee with a glass of cactus/celery juice. Yummy!   

Then, to the beach or the pool. The heat would get to me after a while and I preferred cooling off in the pool as opposed to the ocean, which left me feeling sticky.

A typical scene at the beach, a vendor trying to sell his goods to a vacationer.

Often, in the late afternoon, there would be a wedding at the beach and the special tables and chairs would be set up on the lawns for the wedding guests.

And the day would end in another spectacular sunset.

After capturing the colour with my camera, we would have dinner at a spot where we could see the sky and the beach and marvel at how the sky would continue to saturate with colour long after the sun dipped below the horizon.

This was my dinner one night. Looks like fish, rice, a pasta salad, coleslaw ( second only to White Spot coleslaw) a potato ball, and perhaps a pork chop. After the third day I was off the wine and beer as my old allergies were plaguing me again. (very itchy hives on the back of my neck)
After dinner we would wander around the impromptu markets in the front of the complex and then take in the show at the outdoor theatre. Back home and in bed by 11 pm. exhausted and happy. And the beds were great!

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