Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Sad Story

At the recommendation of some friends, we went to see the movie "Philomena" on Saturday evening. All I knew about the story was that it is based on true events and that it is about an aging woman looking for her son who she gave up for adoption when she was but a teen.
As the story unfolded, I was quite drawn in to both the characters and the events as they unfolded. She recruits a journalist to help her track down her son and what they discover is not only very interesting but shocking.
 The journey starts at the convent where she was taken in as a pregnant teen and had to give four years of service (slavery) in return for having the use of their hospital and having a place to raise her son, although she only saw him one hour a day. They come to a dead end as it seems all the records were destroyed in a fire a number of years back. Pursuing another lead, they go to the USA and there they discover who adopted him and what he became, and what became of him. It is here that the revelations get very interesting and actually take them back to Ireland where it all began.
My senses of justice, anger, and revenge were boiling by the end of the story. I was so conflicted when I saw Philomena forgive the unforgivable where I would have stood up and fought for justice and retribution.
Therein lies a dilemma for a Christian. When do you forgive and turn the other cheek, and when do you fight for justice and make those who did bad things in the name of Christianity be held accountable.
I must admit that I lost some sleep over this movie. Had it been a work of fiction, I could have let it go, but it is not fiction and similar injustices are still be perpetrated today. I feel frustrated and helpless. Philomena's journalist had to let it go, and maybe I should too.
4 1/2 stars 

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