Monday, January 20, 2014

Amazon Adventure

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote and published this novel in 1912. It follows a style similar to "Tarzan" and "King Solomon's Mines", two books which I have recently read and reviewed. This story is the inspiration for the "Jurassic Park" movie of more recent fame. I was taken with Doyle's ability to write adventure when in one of his Sherlock Holmes stories he tells the tale of an adventurer in Utah in the mid 1800's. I thought I might like a whole book of this type of writing.  
The story follows the exploits of Professor Challenger, a zoologist, and three associates who travel to the Amazon basin in search of an isolated plateau which is reported to contain dinosaurs and an ancient civilization. The adventure is spectacular and hair raising and is actually inspired by a challenge to a young man by a beautiful young lady who is only attracted to a man who is brave and seeks adventure.
Finding the location was difficult and isolated enough, but getting up the steep cliffs that isolated it was another story. Once up, their means of getting down are sabotaged and it appears for while that they will die up there. Their stay on the plateau is filled with fantastic adventures and sights. How will they be credible when and if they ever return to London? Will the young lady be satisfied with her new adventurous young man? These are the burning questions and you will have to read the book to find out.
It is an easy read and keeps the reader's attention well, if you like wild adventure and fantasy. It is an old classic and worth the read.
3 1/2 stars

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