Friday, January 17, 2014

Outdoors Brought Indoors

Yesterday, we hung a new type of wall mural. It comes from a company out of Montreal that will take your photo, or a photo you choose from their stock, and expand and print it to the dimensions of your wall. This one was 24 ft. long and 10 ft. high.  

There were 16 panels in all, coming consecutively off of the roll I am holding in the photo. The company has an on-line video presentation that demonstrates how to hang it.

After the first panel, I modified the instructions, used a trick or two of the trade, and did not have an ounce of trouble, like the guy in the video did.

The panels had to be overlapped, which really bothers me, but that is the only way this photo paper works because of shrinkage as it dries. We darkened the edges where the pattern was dark green, with charcoal, and seams became invisible when looking down the wall against the overlap.

The light bands are there because the paper is still wet in our photos. As it dries, it evens out.

The location is Concorde Distributing here in town. There will be a patio setting built around the mural, with a cedar gazebo, wooden planters, and an interlocking flooring material that looks like patio rock.

Inside this outdoor setting they will display their 'high end' barbeques. They also sell gas stoves and pellet stoves. (I think)

After planning and setting up, and getting a feel for the first panel or two, we hung the whole mural in under three hours.
It's a beauty!

Ta da! Let's clean up the tools and call it a day.


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The wall looks truly awesome. You are indeed an artisan!

Terry said...

Thanks. I will make an attempt to visit the showroom when the patio look is completed, and take a photo. When I do, I will post it here on my blog.