Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I have a post scheduled for January 10 where I revue a book I read recently called "Twelve Years a Slave" by Solomon Northup. I will not give any of those ramblings away, save to say that I saw the movie on Sunday night. I tend to see the movie after I read the book, not the other way around.
A few minutes into the opening scenes, I am saying to busylizzy, "That's not in the book."  I had to say that a few times, but by the end, I got the impression that overall, the movie was quite true to the book. Of course, not all the detail and plot can be squeezed into a movie, but I was impressed with the way the atmosphere was so accurately reproduced. The fear, suffering, cruelty, hopelessness, and then the unspeakable joy at the end are well portrayed. I was re-living the emotions brought on by Solomon's memoirs, and as I did while reading the book, I had tears come to my eyes a few times during the movie. I recommended the book and I also recommend the movie, as graphic as it is. But, I am still scratching my head about the final scene in the movie which had a glaring inaccuracy. Why? It did not add anything to the real story except for a bit of fiction that was not needed. The true ending is satisfying enough and quite amazing without this little falsehood.
4 stars   

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